Registered Phenomena Code: 712

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Hazard Types: Mechanical

Containment Protocols: RPC-712 is to be contained in a 20x20x10 meter containment chamber in Site-002. RPC-712 is to remain without fuel unless a test is being conducted. The containment cell is to be cleaned monthly. Any movement from the RPC should be monitered by personnel to ensure the safety of the object and the surrounding area. Cameras are in each corner of the containment cell to help monitor the RPC.

Since Incident-712-1, personnel are banned from loading the RPC with ammo unless an experiment requires it. Any personnel caught without permission will be punished severely.

Description: RPC-712 is a French Renault FT tank from WWI that is in okay condition as of 2020 as minor dents and scrapes have been seen on the tank. A black spade has been painted on the right side of its turret. Experiments have been conducted observing the anomalous nature of the tank. Ammo is to be stored in a storage container which is to be guarded by at least 1 ASF personnel.

RPC-712 has demonstrated awareness of its surroundings. The object will move around the containment cell without striking walls or objects. Personnel have reported that they hear voices from the tank shouting "Vive la France!" which translates to "Long live France!" This voice either belongs to the commander of the tank, Louis Pierre, or the driver of the tank, Paul Collette. This usually occurs when the RPC is provoked or at random. These voices seem to be emmited from the tank.

The internal section of the tank includes a seat for the driver, a standing section for the commander, the loading mechanism for the gun and an empty ammo storage section.

RPC-712 was discovered in the ████ forest in ███████, France. Locals had reported the sound of a loud engine coming from the forest. Numerous trees had also been knocked down mysteriously according to multiple sources. RPC-712 was discovered rolling through the forest hours later by MST Alpha-3 "Scavengers". RPC-712 turned around and began to drive away. RPC-712 was then captured after it was chased by Alpha-3. The anomaly was taken into containment after the Renault was discovered as driverless and in good condition.

Addendum: A journal has been found, owned by Louis Pierre. The contents have been translated from English to French. This gives us a thorough understand of some of the anomalous properties of the tank.

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