RPC-068's picture found at north side of Beach █████ ███

Item#: RPC-068

Object Class: Gamma

Special Containment Protocols: RPC-068 is to be contained at Site-04 in a 5 m x 5 m x 5 m steel room with a 48 inch wide blacked tinted window. Food must be brought daily with 2 Authority security agents and one D-Class, food items should be with the D Class personnel and handed out in order. Constant monitoring with 4 cctv camera's and one researcher behind the glass writing details about RPC-068. RPC-068 must have his therapist Dr.Halmanachin study any weird and out of the norm behavior by RPC-068.

Description: RPC-068 was orignally discovered on the Beach of ████ █████, RPC-068 is a Caucasian male in about his late 40's with slick black hair, he is approximately 178cm tall, RPC-068 wears a Callahan frock coat complete with 1920's to 1960's photos inside.
RPC-068 as an anomaly himself is not very hostile but its anomalous abilities can be very unpredictable, RPC-068 has an ability that allows him to travel in time involuntary. Investigations have concluded that RPC-068 travels between 14th Century BC to 2018. Travel usually takes up to 3-15 hours at a time. If RPC-068 does not teleport back to our normal timestream within 24 hours higher personnel must be alerted and a heavy duty lockdown is required.

Level 3 personnel are restricted to test on RPC-068 because of its anomalous abilities being so unpredictable it is hard to get a test off with a D Personnel. Test has shown false with D Personnel because RPC-068 "doesn't want to talk to prison inmates" the last resort was to get him a therapist to study him and ask the questions. This has been shown to work in a matter of extremes but because of RPC-068 constantly talks about his late wife Natalie and how she "Was like the summer breeze" Dr. Halmanachin considers this normal, when RPC-068 will ask for a cigar Dr. Halmanachin again considers this as normal and informs personnel "not too many". Teleportation(Or Travel)has been described as him "turning to dust but its blue" that is the most important observation we have on his teleportation abilities. RPC-068 is known to bring back many items during his traveling, he has picked up a spear, an old 1920s penny, and a 1921 Silver Dollar. All of these items are in the jurisdiction of the authority.

Addendum: Additional information about RPC-068 to any other personnel lower than level 4 should be claimed as a "hoax" or a "myth" to any personnel who is below level 4 will have to take an amnestic C or if they try to fight back will be terminated by request of the authority. RPC-068's past has not been fully uncovered but investigations about his anomalous abilities on the Beach of ███████ ████, all human inhabitants will be forced to evacuate during the investigation.

RPC-068 was nearly terminated during a Containment Breach 3-N by RPC-████, this encounter has nearly scarred RPC-068's behavior will be still updated. The authority has requested the termination of RPC-068 for the safety of the authority and humanity because of his abilities are hazardous to this facility and its personnel, another idea such as relocation to Site-██ is an idea from Dr.████, The Authority has since thought otherwise and has ordered the termination of RPC-068.

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