RPC thing

███-██ █ ████ █████.


Item #: RPC-011

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: RPC-011 is to be contained at Site-07 at standard containment cell, the object is to be placed in Locker AB-3█. No contact is to be made with RPC-011 only with latex gloves is contact allowed with RPC-011, if contact made without certain tools RPC-011 is held for observation and for testing of different reactions.

Description: RPC-011 is an ordinary mirror to the naked eye but if touched can cause to personnel who has touch RPC-011 to "disappear" any or all personnel who have touched it are to be deemed missing/KIA. Global Director has speculated that RPC-011 is "another reality" further testing with cameras have glitched out but have somehow come back as a "gif" and the only picture to be shown of RPC-011. More research has been required by Global Directors, with more research another picture has been found. it seems to be a human face and has been identified as Agent ███. Research has shown that RPC-011 doesn't seem to kill anyone that comes into contact with it, it seems that they simply live in RPC-011.

RPC-011 has shifted from red to blue in a matter of 3 months, this has been written down as a normal attribute of RPC-011. RPC-011 doesn't seem to sentient from it being a different reality from ours, it has been nicknamed RB Reality.

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