Walk A Mile In His Stinky Shoes


The first memetic image uploaded by SANS-J which is used as the profile picture for it's public account.

Registered Phenomena Code: SANS-J

Object Class: Skeleton/Foot

Hazard Types: Humerus Hazard, Smelly Tones Hazard1, Accidental BONEr Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-SANS-J is contained on a proxy site of the an art community website Deviantart.com2 but is monitored by internal agents using fabricated accounts to prevent SANS-J from reaching the conclusion that it is not using the actual website. These internal agents are to undergo special training to withstand SANS-J's memetic effects. These serious health concerns include cancerous growths, heart attack, death, as well as serious mental health related issues3 if exposure is not limited.

Description: SANS-J is an anomalous AI of unknown origin that found access to the web domain and got corrupted by what the CSDs refer to as "The Autism." The account exclusively references and makes "artwork" of various characters from the video game "Undertale." The most common character featured in the various pieces is Sans the Skeleton. SANS-J's anomalous properties manifest whenever it uploads content to the site. The content uploaded possesses a memetic effect that causes viewers to become enamored by the anomaly's work and slowly copy its actions on the website. This anomalous effect extends to any writing that directly or indirectly mentions SANS-J's activities or works, and causes that writing to slowly become more focused on subjects like smelly feet, boney-smelly-stinky toes, as well as smushing one between them.

WARNING. This content is highly memetic and may cause irreversible damage to the viewers' psyche. As such, viewing is only to happen through a proxy site and by CSD personnel with specialized training to handle its effects.

Interview Log:
Note: This interview was conducted by Researcher Meg Alova to CSD-5475.

SANS-J was discovered by internet crawl agents when it's page was discovered to have caused such a major upswing in fetish content related to skeletons, feet, and smelling that the sites metrics were 20% different than they had been 1 week before the accounts first upload.

Incident Log: SANS-J-Rebellion:
After four days of exposure to SANS-J several CSD personnel were so disgusted by the effects of SANS-J they began to disobey orders and deride the anomaly on its profile and upload pages. The anomaly was very distraught and made several melodramatic posts lamenting the treatment it had received from the CSD personnel. The anomaly claimed it was being "harassed" and was "literally shaking" over the feedback before the account was deemed inactive by the proxy site's moderator making a report of its online status.





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