Site 000






RPC Global Command Facility


Codename: "Olympus Mons"

Hex-code: [00]

Location: Undisclosed location beneath the arctic circle

Site Occupation: RPC Global Command, Angels of Eden Headquarters, ICBM Control Center, Protocol Eden.

Total Area: [REDACTED]

Established: 14th April, 1934.

Background Information: Site-000 Is the global command center for all RPC resources and is responsible for Command and Control of MST and ASFs. Site-000 is currently the largest Authority facility in operation and completely self-sustained. Site-000 is located in an undisclosed location beneath the arctic circle. Site-000 is currently powered by ██ U-235 MK2 Pressurized Heavy-water Reactors.

Although Site-000 is operated by a skeleton crew of a few hundred not including the Angels of Eden which makes use of Site-000 as a headquarters and training facility, Site-000 is capable of holding tens of thousands of personnel.

Offices & Wings Section

  • Administrative Level - This level is responsible for Command and Control of all Global Authority forces and Site-000 command as a whole. The wing also contains numerous officers' quarters, an officers mess, and The Board Room. This wing is off-limits except for personnel with Level 5 security clearance, Head Researchers, Generals, and/or admitted personnel.
  • Security Level - Contains several fully-stocked armories garages and hanger bays along with several years worth of munitions. The security wing also hosts several artificial climate-controlled chambers for MST and ASF training.
  • Research and Laboratories Level - Separated into numerous sectors which include: Anomaly Research Sector, Biological and Chemical Sector, terraforming Sector, Protocol Eden, Physics and Astronomy Sector and Technological Advancements Sector.
  • Medical Level - Large-scale medical facilities capable of accommodating hundreds of patients along with the capabilities to produce most known medicines from on-sight greenhouses.
  • General Living Quarters - A multilevel section containing numerous sleeping quarters, mess halls, entertainment rooms and, several artificial climate-controlled chambers for rec purposes.
  • Containment Level - A large containment wing capable of containing most types of anomalies, however, it is currently empty barring the theta wing.
  • Storage and Agricultural Level - Several large Areas responsible for storage, Farming, and maintaining a large number of animals, currently in cryostorage.
  • Production Facilities - Numerous workshops capable of producing any required equipment, ammo or parts, along with several more storage rooms either stocked or empty.
  • Protocol Eden - Diverse genetic samples of all current species and approximately ███,███ Mk 2 Cryopods of which ██,███ are currently occupied.

Site Administration

Administrative Officials:

  • Site Director: The Board
  • Assistant Site Director: N/A
  • Dir. of Personnel & Management: Dr. Matthew Collins
  • Dir. of Site Security: Gen. John Grissiom
  • Dir. of Garrisoned MST: Archangel Gabriel (Head of Angels of Eden)
  • Dir. of Human Resources: Dr. Alex Boardwin

On-Site Personnel:

  • Department Heads: 8
  • Administrative Assistants: 10
  • Medical Personnel: 27
  • Research Personnel: 96
  • Security Personnel: 65
  • Maintenance Personnel: 246
  • CSD-Class Personnel: N/A

Total: 6,860

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