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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is contained in an RnD department storage locker on Site-015.
Protocol Kitasis may be initiated for testing purposes at the direct approval of personnel with clearance level 3 or 4. Researchers must follow all guidelines required in the conceptualization process.

Under testing conditions, it is recommended to send one CSD personnel to determine whether the environmental conditions are safe for humans. Drones and mobile sensors are unable to stream any visual data as entering these instances causes the drone to disconnect from the operator. Future expeditions can extend towards operatives and research personnel if these conditions are met.

Description: RPC-XXX is a small, firm, octagonal glass piece fitted into an oval shaped golden ring. The size of the anomaly is 30 cm in length and 50 cm in width. Carbon dating of the anomaly dates back to pre-colonial America: roughly 1100. However, the structure of the anomaly are not consistent with the documented Native American cultures which exist within our understanding.

The anomaly is a memetic object, capable of imprinting knowledge to its users. During initial testing, subjects described reading symbols or letters in an unknown language despite being unfamiliar to them. The longer subjects observe the anomaly, the more of the language they learn. Subjects are observed to enter a trance like state when using the object, claiming that they were able to 'sense' the words through sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. One subject described in perfect detail his perception of a large and expansive ocean as though he was actively present in that moment.

Exposure to RPC-XXX provides the affected users the means of producing anomalies through writing. These instances are designated RPC-XXX-A and will vary according to the content of the descriptions used in the writing process. While additional content can be written into these pages, the instances must have a consistent grammatical structure.

Creating RPC-XXX-A instances requires the subject to write in the language imparted in them through RPC-XXX. The subject must start with a name and continue to describe the desired instance in a highly specific fashion, as detailed in Document-xx-1. If the instances does not have the specified requirements, the process will automatically filter out on its own after the binding process is finished.

If this procedure is not carried out as required, or any deviation from the format is made, the created RPC-xxx-A instance will become unstable and result in ████████████ which has caused ██ ████ to date. In addition, a majority of RPC-xxx-A instances will fail to generate properly should their description break the laws of physics and energy. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule however.1

Once description procedure has been completed, subject will place said description on any market available book stand, so long as it is either facing a doorway and/or gap leading to another room. Subjects must then repeat the trigger phrase out loud in order for the procedure to complete and the RPC-xxx-Doorway to materialize. Failure to do so has resulted in ██████ and must be approached with caution.2

The stability of each instances is heavily dependent on the grammar discerned by RPC-XXX. Several initial tests showed each experimental instances underwent drastic changes after exploring the bounded books. Bad descriptions and grammar can lead to even more impossible world instances, making them insufficient for human life.3

Addendum XXX-01:
Expeditions have been carried out by the authority to determine the nature of the anomalies for continuous research. Video logs have been recorded throughout these expeditions and confiscated for further observational studies. Expedition teams must confer to the resource department for acquisition during their trips into these instances for Authority benefit.
Books found with the same written language within these instances are to be confiscated and designated as RPC-XXX-B

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