Stuff Takers

GoI 137

Stuf Takers

PoI-137-01: We’re the best at taking stuff! We took stuff so good, we got our own box for it! Don’t worry, we only take stuff that’s really weird, like that knife thing and, uh, Troy! Troy’s cool though. He’s this turtle, right, and he-
Uh, what was I saying? Right! So, we’re the STUFF TAKERS, and we take stuff! Now, this here is Troy…

PoI-137-05: We're a small group, ya know? There's like twelve of us on the box, plus Jared and a few guys down in the box. They're with all the stuff we took. After all's said and done though, I'm real proud O these folks. We've come together and made something big. Something great! I wanna say I'm the leader here but I'm really not. I just have the honour a bein' the sanest one here. We're all here for different reasons, course. Derek's the one with, uh… Troy? The turtle? Yeah, he thinks an angel led him here from some dumbass desert. He's one of the first of our little group, like me. Came up with the name, too. Over there's Stanley, too. Man, Stanley… he's a good kid. Obsesses over the stuff we take, mind. Constantly berates the others 'cause he's the only one who writes these lil' reports he's so fond of in the right way. Don't tell us the right way though. Has ta be 'clinical', whatever it means. Me? I'm here to get away from the wife! Anyway, this is a purpose - we do a good job! Most of the stuff we got could wind up hurting' somebody, so I figure at least it's all in one place so if anything happens… well, I'm getting old anyway.

PoI-137-08: Check out this rock, man! It ain't special like the other stuff we got, but I like it. I dunno, it's pretty neat! I got it off this cave we went to this one time, and man, was it crazy! That's where we found Doug, right Doug? So anyway, it's a cool rock and I like it so I took it and now it's mine! I even gave it a sticker so everyone else knows too!

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