Tactical Nuke

Numerical Name: Alpha-09

Codename: Ghosts of Gaia

Motto: “Defendit numerus” (There is safety in numbers)

Garrisoned Site: N/A

Roles: Special Reconnaissance, Overwatch, Guerilla Warfare, High-Value Target (HVT) Extraction, HVT Assassination, Long-range Combat, Asset Retrieval, Infiltration, Fast Mobilization

Established: December 1898

Description: MST Alpha-09 “Ghosts of Gaia” is an extremely covert and exclusive strike team that operates solely in remote environments. Units of the Ghosts are constantly mobile, never staying in a single spot for more than a day and staying far away from Authority sites and all other civilization. Only the Board knows the current location of Alpha-09 squads, and even the identities of Alpha-09 personnel are unknown to everyone except a couple of the Global Directors. Only a few Authority personnel have even seen an active operative in the wilderness. Alpha-09 specializes not only in remaining hidden from enemies but disappearing completely once the job is done.

MST Alpha-09 operatives are extensively trained to fulfill their required roles, and are tested via an expedition into the wilderness. During this excursion, they must survive for at least two months without Authority assistance and with only their standard-issue knife. Supplies are assumed to be delivered to the team via random air drops in the wilderness. No unauthorized individual has ever spotted an active Alpha-09 operative and lived to tell about it.

NOTE: Those who wish to enlist MST Alpha-09 for assignments are to contact radio frequency █████. Do not expect a response. Static is normal.

Taskforce Composition

MST Alpha-09:

  • 1st Platoon (Grassland): +45
    • Squad A ("Hills"): +9
    • Squad B ("Cheetahs"): +9
    • Squad C ("Grass"): +9
    • Squad D ("Bison"): +9
    • Squad E ("Meerkats"): +9
  • 2nd Platoon (Forest): +45
    • Squad A ("Trees"): +9
    • Squad B ("Hawks"): +9
    • Squad C ("Caves"): +9
    • Squad D ("Wolves"): +9
    • Squad E ("Owls"): +9
  • 3rd Platoon (Desert): +45
    • Squad A ("Sand"): +9
    • Squad B ("Snakes"): +9
    • Squad C ("Oasis"): +9
    • Squad D ("Lizards"): +9
    • Squad E ("Fennecs"): +9
  • 4th Platoon (Aquatic): +45
    • Squad A ("Waves"): +9
    • Squad B ("Sharks"): +9
    • Squad C ("Coral"): +9
    • Squad D ("Jellies"): +9
    • Squad E ("Dolphins"): +9
  • 5th Platoon (Tundra): +45
    • Squad A ("Ice"): +9
    • Squad B ("Seals"): +9
    • Squad C ("Bergs"): +9
    • Squad D ("Bears"): +9
    • Squad E ("Foxes"): +9

Total Forces: +225

NOTE: A Squadrons focus on guerilla warfare with non-anomalous forces, B Squadrons with HVT assassination and long-range combat, C Squadrons with HVT Extraction and Overwatch, D Squadrons with Asset Retrieval and Infiltration, and E Squadrons with Special Reconnaissance.


Standard Firearms

  • Combat Knife: USMC Mark 2 Ka-Bar combat knife
  • Pistol: H&K USP .45 / Sig Sauer P229 / S&W .38 Special Snubnose
  • Rifle: AAC Honey Badger / AS Val / AKM
  • SMG: H&K MP5SD / PP-19 Bizon / FN P90
  • Shotgun: Serbu Super-Shorty / Saw-Off Double Barreled / Ithaca Model 37
  • Sniper: Walther WA2000 / Accuracy International AWS / Remington Model 700 (.338 Lapua)
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle: MICOR Leader 50

NOTE: Weapons that can be suppressed with additional suppressors or flash hiders usually are.

Completed Missions


Assigned RPCs

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