The nth Gate


Item #: RPC-???

Object Class: Gamma

Containment Protocols: RPC-??? is to be triple-contained within a 5m^3 10K2SO4(Concentrated Potassium permanganate) endothermic chamber in OS-███. This chamber, (Gate I) is to be hugged by a reaction chamber exactly 1m^3 greater (Known as Gate II), and filled with HSO3F(Fluorosulfuric acid) sacs, released via 2-way tripwire. In case of containment breach, if the internal trap fails to set off, Mobile Strike Force Omega-Fu are to engage RPC-??? within the recommended safe distance within Gate III, a 1.5km^3 area of frozen biome, created specifically to aid in neutralizing RPC-??? atoms. Any engagement within Gate III will send an alert to all capable MSF units in case of possible reinforcement. Should RPC-??? remain uncontained with no progress after passing the recommended safe threshold, Head Researcher is to consider site personnel lost and activate the emergency switch, filling the room with 10K2SO4, then activate the second tripwire, releasing all HSO3F sacs around the edges of Gate III. In case of high-level breach, all Overlords are to be notified of all reports and available MSF units to locate and capture RPC-???. All Omega-Fu operatives are to wear OCULUS anti-memetic goggles and EL-Vocalizers to protect against cognitohazards and to negate RPC-???'s xth anomalous effect. See Chapter ??? in the Protection & Containment Omega-Fu Document Guide for further procedures.

Description: RPC-??? is a 2.21m tall humanoid abomination. Cold sample tissues obtained through
corpse burning reveal a type of reptilian skin of an unknown species, though carbon data speculates an early extinct species of dragon. Observation through the OCULUS has shown that the dual-layered beta-layer on RPC-??? constantly "funnels" itself between the tertiary-layer, using this as a waste-recycling method and revealing the new glossy layer originally underneath. In addition, sample tissues from other containment breach corpses shows a potent durability and stretchable flexibility.

RPC-??? is host to a number of anomalous properties and abilities.

  • - While still humanoid in appearance, the two main arms are tentacle-like in structure that can stretch for recorded distances of ~85m
  • - Four other tentacle-like arms protrude from RPC-???'s back, also able to stretch for the same maximum distance.
  • - While not field-tested, RPC-??? claims to feel the presence of all life around it. There is reason for this to be true, albeit limited to [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further testing using updating Containment Protocols is ongoing.
  • - Due to the six tentacle arms and nature of its reptilian skin, even when not anomalously active, direct line of view of RPC-??? from an assumed safe distance can induce uneasiness and a minor, but uncomfortable breaking sense of local reality. This feeling becomes stronger when active, even from safe distances. Testing and records of previous containment breaches indicate safe distance be at least 15 meters.
  • - If touched by an anomalously active tentacle, the victim will lose a majority of their cognitive thinking, portraying a look of deep hypnosis. The repetitive use of weak class A EGs have been effective in helping "jump-start" a person back to reality, while the use of stronger EGs have caused the hypnosis to be irreversible.
  • - RPC-??? does not have a face. Instead, the near-pitch black head has an "eye". This symbolic eye helps it see though it does not actively turn its head to look at something.
  • - RPC-??? hosts a recorded Triangular Method for extremely difficult containment and easy escape. Method 1 starts by using his "passive hypnosis" to perceive itself closer to its victim than it actually is. It may also use this to project itself on other allies, forcing mutiny, distrust, and lack of morale. Methods 2 and 3 depend on its mood and status. When hungry or in survival mode, Method 2 involves any method of quick kill followed by total consumption of the subject. As a result of this, RPC-??? can not only gain vigor and mass for a short period of time, but heal recent wounds and regenerate quicker. When mischievous or under a killing spree, RPC-??? will grab a subject, and force them to stare into its eye. It will then huddle itself in a defensive curl for the remainder of this process. RPC-??? is shown to consume the life force of the subject, while the tentacles [DATA EXPUNGED] until the body is hollow and the face is completely ripped off. After 1 minute 30 seconds of this, the ocular symbol glows embedded on the corpse's face, and the corpse is hereafter named RPC-???-A.
  • - RPC-???-A are lifeless hollow faceless corpses with the same ocular symbol on their faces. While in Gathering mode, they are mindless, moving slow and with no real direction or motive other than hunger. When guided by RPC-??? or when non-plant life is nearby, they will turn to hunting mode, dramatically increasing speed, ripping strength, and accuracy to kill and infect the subject, usually by feasting on the insides and the face. After 2-3 hours, the victim will regenerate and rise into an instance of RPC-???-A, albeit a faded version of the ocular symbol. RPC-???-A share mutated atomic properties within their bodies that allow them to regenerate limbs and morph adapting muscles and organs to heightened durability and speed.
  • - RPC-??? shows an impressive display of reflexes, seen to react the entire body to sound to a tee, such as several instances of dodging point blank gunfire from up to three different surrounding sources. As a result and due to the flexibility of the skin, RPC-??? is extremely agile and fast, shown to climb and crawl on surfaces with barely a sound.
  • - RPC-??? can "phase" to an incorporeal nature, being able to pass freely through matter, as their outline fades to semi-transparency. This ability can only be done in climates not extremely cold. After taking samples from its original containment prison, further testing on the minerals used shows a higher concentrated amount of K2SO4 being effective in preventing this anomalous ability.
  • - RPC-???'s atomic composition, immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems are anomalously advanced to a degree of "memory-shaping", causing RPC-??? to revert back to its original composition regardless of any forced alteration. As of Incident ???-112 on █/██/18██, it should be noted that the process of reversion takes significantly longer when RPC-??? is in a hyperactive state from starvation. It is currently unknown the time between hunger periods though the shortest recorded instance was ██ hours ██ minutes.

RPC-??? has shown extreme hostility, disdain, and hatred for humanity. It prefers to kill humans first compared to any other life. It has been proven that RPC-??? does not need to eat or sleep, though is more hyperactive the longer it goes without feasting. Recent updates on containment methods show the use of heavy sleeping gas to be significantly effective to minimalise conflict. Current testing is ongoing and propositions using RPC items to permanently sterilize and/or terminate RPC-??? definitely are underway.

Addendum: RPC-??? was captured on 3/21/17██ on the Queen Elizabeth Islands, following
reports of missing citizens and "cold undead demons". An investigation team was sent in under the guise of Vatican 'Holy Forces' but was unable to terminate the instances of RPC-???-A. After their eventual subdue, when scouting over the ████ of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, RPC-??? was seen happily feasting on a human being surrounded by three more instances of RPC-???-A. This led to the Great Tug-Of-War, a 3-day battle resulting in 1██ deaths and 4██ total injuries. It was during this battle that MSF Phi-36 discovered the possible glacial origin, where an unknown mineral surrounded the ice. Omega-Fu Captain ████ █. Gerringer, Phi-36 Captain D.A.W.N., and Theta-6 Captain ██████ Wales were honored in their line of duty to hold off RPC-???, discover and combat against its anomalous abilities.

Incident: ???-189
Interview Log ???-189

Statement from Overlord-█

To the RPC Authority and to OS-███

Thank you. Thank you for donating not only your efforts, your values, your abilities, your strength, courage, and most importantly, your humanity, on the line everyday to stop the malevolent forces from ending our mission and our morale. I shall focus funding on updating Containment Protocols just enough to minimalise casualties from any future breaches, and to increase morale, I shall issue samples of RPC-████ to OS-[REDACTED] personnel. Research will focus on the Gates and complete termination of RPC-??? but until that time, we will study on a method to neutralize all of its anomalous properties until it is sterile. This one cannot be let into the knowledge of anyone else. I pray for the day we halt a possible breach in our reality let alone the destruction of our Eden. Until then, we will not let this break us. It's time to clean out the snakes in our garden.

Research. Protect. Contain. And God Be With You.


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