The Bureau Of Acquisition

Welcome to the Bureau of Acquisition. Here at the Bureau we strive to explore the unknown. By expanding our perception we can learn invaluable knowledge and further our stance in the fight for humanity.

Entering into the Bureau of Acquisition is an honor. The five departments included in the Bureau are the Theistic, Viderics, Cryptology, Anti-Memetic and Kaballic Departments. Each department is located in its own specialty site in an undisclosed location. Here you will study some of the most revered and classified anomalies that the Authority has to offer. Only the most skilled and specialized researchers have been chosen from among their colleagues to join the Bureau. You will be assigned to a department that matches your highly tuned skills and accomplishments and provided transportation to a classified location. Here you will work with a team of other highly tuned scientists in your area of expertise. Your designated location will contain all anomalies that pertain to the site's specialty. The information that you discover will provide the Authority with a step above others in the fight to protect this world.

The Theistic Department deals with higher dimensional beings that are perceivable in our world. Epsilon class objects are almost exclusively studied by the theistic division.

The Department of Viderics studies the Videric neurotransmitter. ….

The Cryptology Department deciphers intercepted messages from GOI's, POI's, and anomalies. The Cryptology department also forms the rules and regulations for information transfer and encoding in order to keep Authority documents safe in the event of a breach.

The Anti-Memetics Department works hand in hand with the Viderics Department, in order to defend against things that do not exist cannot be identified at this time. As per the definition, anti-memetic anomalies cannot be fully understood, however this is what the division strives to do.

The Kaballic Department studies mystical or …

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