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Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies (INDIRA) - Unknown

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While anomalous groups have existed within the Indian Subcontinent for thousands of years, the Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies (INDIRA) [in Hindi: Bhaarateey Raashtreey Raksha Pahal (BHRTRP) is the largest contemporary group, being formed in 1952 by the newly established Indian Government. Initially a small task force for collecting and storing anomalous objects, their goals and motives changed following the 1975-1977 state of emergency across the nation. INDIRA began to refocus their purpose to not only collect anomalous items, but to use them for the purpose of aiding the Indian people in achieving a post-human state of being.

INDIRA believes that anomalous objects relate to the pantheon present in Hinduism and other religions originating from the Indian Subcontinent, and while most anomalies are considered dangerous itself, they use them in covert operations or in helping the population of India in general.

The liberal use of the anomalous, their rivalries with other Agencies such as PCAAO and MI13, and extremist beliefs have caused INDIRA to become a radical and at times unpredictable player on the anomalous world stage.

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