The Office Of Analysis And Science

In The Office of Analysis and Science, we strive to make sense of anomalies by analyzing them within our realm of understanding as well as researching any possible RPCs, based on our knowledge. Here at the Office of Analysis and Science, we have a department available for all disciplines of academia including ones uniquely developed by the RPC Authority themselves. The departments and the personnel within them include the following:

Administrative Personnel:

Name: ██████████ ██████
Status: Active
Position: Lead Director
Education: [REDACTED]

Name: Nicholas S. Pierson
Status: Active
Position: Assistant Director
Education: Bachelor of Science (B.S) Degree in Psychology, Doctorate Degree (PhD) in Biology, University of Michigan.


The Cybernetics Department

Description: The Cybernetics Department is dedicated to the study and development of Cybernetic technology. The goal of this department is to one day ensure their findings are published in order to improve the lives of the disabled in our society. The Cybernetics Department was developed on ██/██/████ at the request of Board Member ██████ ████████, which is currently exclusive to the Authority.

Due to this, personnel entering the Cybernetics Department must first undergo educational training by senior members who have an expertise in the field. Any personnel interested in joining the department, or considered as a candidate for entry, must have some educational background in Engineering and Biology.

Attached Personnel:

Status: Active
Position: Head Researcher
Education: [REDACTED]

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