The Wickesbrook Mall

The interior of RPC-XXX, 21/7/2008.

Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Alpha-Orange

Hazards: Ideological Hazard, Memory Alteration Hazard


RPC-XXX-1 manifesting in a photgraph, circa 1983

Containment Protocols: In order to effectively contain RPC-XXX, the town of Wickesbrook, Alberta, Canada has been evacuated by Authority agents operating within the Canadian military on ██/█/1994, receiving the designation of OL-Site-XXX the next day. Any and all mentions of OL-Site-XXX in any form of media, especially those pertaining to RPC-XXX, are to be erased. To avoid suspicion, OL-Site-XXX is to be inhabited by an authority contingent, with volunteering personnel assigned to act as its civilians. In the event that a civilian enters OL-Site-XXX, Authority personnel are to advise the individual to not approach RPC-XXX, citing structural weakness. Any civilians attempting to reach RPC-XXX are to be apprehended by OL-Site-XXX's "Police", which is made up of MST reserve units and volunteering security officers. In the event that the civilian reaches the parking lot of RPC-XXX, they are to be declared an instance of RPC-XXX-2, and are to be shot on sight. Drones are to be used to retrieve the instance's corpse and drop it into a broken skylight on RPC-XXX's roof.

Description: RPC-XXX is a shopping mall located within the town of Wickesbrook, Alberta, Canada. It has an area of 130064 square meters, including its parking lot. RPC-XXX appears to be in a state of decay both on the exterior and the interior. RPC-XXX's anomalous properties manifest when an individual approaches the grounds of RPC-XXX. The individual's attention will immediately focus on an open entrance to RPC-XXX, walking towards it whilst ignoring any outside forces. This process is considered the first stage of the RPC-XXX-2 "Infection" process.

RPC-XXX-1 is a manifestation resembling a hooded figure within RPC-XXX. RPC-XXX-1 appears to be semi-tangible, where it can be observed through sight and sound, albeit not through touch. RPC-XXX-1 also appears to be immune to any and all forms of damage.1 If RPC-XXX-1 is attacked, all instances of RPC-XXX-2 will begin to attack the object that carried out said attack.

RPC-XXX-2 instances appear to be humans, albeit with many physical characteristics appearing to be signs of malnourishment. Despite this, instances of RPC-XXX-2 are highly mobile and appear to have an expanded amount of energy as compared to an average human. Instances of RPC-XXX-2 appear to worship RPC-XXX-1, referring to it as "The Divine".2 RPC-XXX-2 instances are able to detect imaging devices, where they then will attempt to hide from the device. RPC-XXX-2 instances appear to be passive, ignoring all unfamiliar objects unless it is observed attacking either an instance of RPC-XXX-2 or RPC-XXX-1, where they will then charge towards the object, attacking it with anything the instances have on hand. RPC-XXX-2 instances are capable of using firearms,3 although this is a rare occurrence.

RPC-XXX-3 is an audio frequency emanating from RPC-XXX's PA system. When the signal is played outside of RPC-XXX, it is observed as static at a volume of 200 decibels. However, when inside RPC-XXX, it as observed as popular music from the years of 1986 to 1991, albeit heavily distorted. Occasionally, the music of RPC-XXX-3 will be interrupted by a feminine voice, which will call for prayer to RPC-XXX-1. During this time, all RPC-XXX-2 instances will be immobile for a period of 5 minutes. This state also appears to cancel out all aggression exhibited from instances of RPC-XXX-2, in which they will retur to normal activities after the period concludes.



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