Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-XXX

Object Class: [Alpha-Yellow] Alpha-Black

Hazard Types: Grouped Hazard, Ballistic Hazard, Transmutable Hazard, Extreme Temperatures, Gravitational Hazard, Cognito Hazard.

Containment Procedures:
[Instances of RPC-XXX are to be stored within standard Alpha secure containers until testing. Any damage to RPC-XXX-1 is to be reported to Site-11. Director Klaus Magnussen. Motion sensors are to be monitored by assigned personnel in shifts of 4 hours, and cycled accordingly. Inspection of motion sensors must occur every 90 days. Motion sensors must be replaced every 360 days. Damage, malfunction, or other issues are to be immediately reported to Site-11 Director Klaus Magnussen.

In event of a containment breach, Site-11 is to be locked down and local ASF units in heavy protective gear are to verify that RPC-XXX-2 has ceased motion. Upon verification that RPC-XXX-2 has ceased movement, RPC-XXX-2 fragments are to be destroyed by manner of caustic spray.]

Instances of RPC-XXX-1 are to be kept separate from other instances of RPC-XXX-1. RPC-XXX-1 instances are not to be handled and are to be individually stored in standard Alpha secure containers. Individual containers are to be fitted with motion sensors. Monitoring of motion sensors is to be carried out by assigned personnel in shifts of 4 hours, and cycled accordingly.

In event of containment breach, Site-11 is to activate localized thermobaric charges within RCP-XXX's containment area. Localized ASF units are to verify destruction of RCP-XXX. If multiple RCP-XXX-2 instances complete transformation into RCP-XXX-4b, an end-of-the-world scenario is to be considered likely and protocol Epsilon-Victor-Epsilon is to be activated effective immediately.

Monitoring of Walmart supermarkets are to be carried out by Site-11. , with all instances of RPC-XXX to be recalled. Any retailer questioning the recall is to be given an alibi concerning damaged marbles.
In the event of RPC-XXX being purchased before proper containment can be enacted, MST X-Ray-6 ('Annulifiers’) are to locate and retrieve RPC-XXX. Should RPC-XXX-2 be handled, MST X-Ray-6 are to activate a localized [DATA EXPUNGED].


RPC-XXX is divided into [two] four objects, identified as [RPC-XXX-1, and RPC-XXX-2.] RPC-XXX-1, RPC-XXX-2, RPC-XXX-3, and RPC-XXX-4. RPC-XXX-4 is further broken down into RPC-XXX-4a and RPC-XXX-4b.

RPC-XXX-1 is a plastic resealable bag containing 25-30 instances of RPC-XXX-2. The bag is labeled as standard Hasbro brand marbles, with large print reading “Amazing! Co. Stellar Marbles”. RPC-XXX-1 is always marked at $0.99. Markings consistent with the Amazing! Co. GoI are present on both sides of the bag.
The mailing information has been replaced with a disclaimer written in fine print.

[+]Open Disclaimer?
[-] Disclaimer Opened
Amazing! Co. is not responsible for property damage, injury, and loss of life, and/or destruction of civilization as we know it.

RPC-XXX-1 has no anomalous properties unless holding instances of RPC-XXX-2, or if being directly viewed. When RPC-XXX-1 comes into contact with RPC-XXX-2, RPC-XXX-2 will not manifest anomalous properties and will remain inert until removed from RPC-XXX-1 or RPC-XXX-1 is damaged. RPC-XXX-1, when directly viewed, creates a compulsion to purchase RPC-XXX consistent with Amazing! Co. products, and then open RPC-XXX-1 and handle RPC-XXX-2 irregardless of warning or knowledge of RPC-XXX-2’s anomalous effects.

RPC-XXX-2 refers to 25-30 glass marbles painted to resemble known astronomical bodies within the solar system. RPC-XXX-2 instances measure 1 cm in diameter, and weigh 5.5 grams, and correspond to a Mohs hardness rating of 5.5. When RPC-XXX-2 is removed from RPC-XXX-1, RPC-XXX-2 will manifest its anomalous properties. RPC-XXX-2 instances, when thrown or rolled, ignore friction and continue to gain speed upon hitting another object or being. RPC-XXX-2 will usually shatter upon reaching a speed of 30 m/s. [Fragments of RPC-XXX-2 will then embed in soft objects and cease movement.] Fragments of RPC-XXX-2 will embed in soft objects, but will continue to shatter otherwise. Further breaking down of the material eventually creates a coarse powder that continues to accelerate at exponentially increasing speed. Coming into contact with the powder via skin, or inhalation is invariably fatal due to the speed at which the particles within are moving.

RPC-XXX-2 instances that continue to fragment are then identified as RPC-XXX-3. RPC-XXX-3 refers to a cloud of RPC-XXX-2 fragments that behaves in a manner similarly to stellar nebulae. The size of RPC-XXX-3 instances varies based on the amount of RPC-XXX-2 that has progressed to this stage, and can measure between 2 cm and [DATA EXPUNGED]. RPC-XXX-3 instances then heat up to a temperature of 10,000° K within 12 seconds. RPC-XXX-3 will then form miniature T-Tauri stars which undergo rapid stellar evolution, quickly progressing to main-sequence. RPC-XXX-3 instances that progress to this stage are identified as RPC-XXX-4.

RPC-XXX-4 measures between 0.3 and 1 cm. Temperature and luminosity of RPC-XXX-4 cannot be recorded due to the destructive nature of RPC-XXX-4. RPC-XXX-4 will begin nuclear fusion and continue to move erratically. RPC-XXX-4 quickly forms and depletes its outer layers of hydrogen, forming a core of denser materials until the star eventually collapses. RPC-XXX-4a refers to RPC-XXX-4 that undergoes a supernova event, quickly expelling all of its mass. RPC-XXX-4a is then considered neutralized with leftover superheated particles showing no anomalous movement or increase in speed. RPC-XXX4b refers to an instance of RPC-XXX-4 that crosses its Schwartzchild Radius and becomes a miniature black hole. RPC-XXX-4b is theorized to have an event horizon of 0.000001 µm, but due to the nature of its transformation and speed this cannot be confirmed. RPC-XXX-4b continues to move erratically, absorbing matter over the course of 10 seconds until it ‘vaporizes’ and is considered neutralized. See Addendum XXX-01 for more information.


RPC-XXX was discovered on 4/25/1921 following an incident in the local Wal-mart supermarket in hattiesburg, Mississippi, when RPC-XXX-1 was breached and RPC-XXX-2 was handled, resulting in 42 casualties and 21 deaths. MST X-Ray-6 (‘Annulifiers’) were dispatched to the location following the deaths of 2 Authority informants and the news coverage of the event. RPC-XXX’s latent anomalous properties were discovered after X-Ray-6-1 accidentally nudged an instance of RPC-XXX-2 with their boot, resulting in 2 more casualties. After visual confirmation of Amazing! Co. GoI markings and confirmation of associated Cognitohazards, MST X-Ray-6 applied memetics to the entire township of hattiesburg and distributed standard wide-area-coverage amnestics via aerosol dispersal to the entirety of Forrest County.


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