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Item #: RPC-155

Object Class: Beta


Satellite image taken of RCP-155 on ██/██/20██.

Containment Protocols: A perimeter of at 2km is to be established from RPC-155. An electrified fence of 5m height, topped with razor wire is to be established in order to prevent unauthorised entrance to RPC-155. A forward observation post, dubbed OL-Site-16 is to be established at the Southern portion of the perimeter fencing. This facility is to act as the sole entrance/exit point to RPC-155 and will facilitate the research, containment, decontamination and housing of all assets relating to RPC-155. The specifics of this observation post can be found in Addendum-155-Site-16. A unit of 50 ASF personnel is to be stationed at this forward operating base at all times and are to perform land patrols of the fence line in teams of four at half hour intervals. As of 11/16/111 a quick reaction force of a minimum of 250 ASF personnel with accompanying transport and support aircraft are to be stationed at Site-04 in the event of a containment breach. High range motion detectors are also to be mounted at random points around the perimeter fencing of RPC-155 in order to detect gatherings of RPC-155-1, in order to warn of possible large scale attacks. Due to the cognitohazardous nature of RPC-155 personnel are to wear chemical face respirators at all times when outside of OL-Site-16. Due to OL-Site-16's small size, nearby Site 14 will act as a parent facility, offering additional resources in the form of manpower, D-Class, etc. Any unauthorised individuals attempting to gain entrance to RPC-155 are to be taken into custody, interrogated and administered Class A or B EGs. Unauthorised individuals attempting to exit the perimeter fencing of RPC-155 that have not been affected by the cognitohazardous properties of the RC are to be interrogated and be held indefinitely at nearby site Site-04. Instances of RPC-155-1 that attempt to leave the perimeter fencing of RPC-155 are to be held indefinitely terminated via on-site incinerator.2 All requests to contain an instance of RPC-155-1 must be approved by the OL-Site-16 director. Mobile Strike Team Echo-1 "Streetcleaners", belonging to Mobile Strike Force 7 have been assigned to RPC-155 for means of research and exploration. All use of MST Echo 1, must be approved by the Site-004 director and Strike Team commander. Note if the green haze that blankets RPC-155 begins to grow or exhibit movement all townships within distance 50km are to be evacuated under the guise of a widespread chemical leak in the area. Containment methods for this haze are still being developed.

Description: RPC-155 is a small rural town located in Southern ███████, United States named Blackwood. RPC is inhabited by a population of approximately 1,236 Human men and women aged 23-49. There are no deviations from this fact and the town is completely void of children, teenagers and elderly peoples. Perpetually blanketing a town is a thick, green haze that is emitted by a large natural gas to the Northside of RPC-155. This green haze has a such been labelled RPC-155-2. Extensive testing has revealed that dash two is made of almost entirely nitrogen, with a relatively small concentration of ████████ which is believed to be the cause of the mind-altering cognitohazardous properties of the RPC-155-2. Even limited exposure to RPC-155-2 can cause significant cognitive damage. Subjects will suffer extreme pains in the cranial region and will experience strong impulses to "meet him".3 Further exposure will result in brain waves being hijacked and complete mind alteration, with admission into a hivemind like state. The inhabitants of RPC-155, have been classified RPC-155-1.4 Instances of RPC-155-1 appear to that of a regular Human being, even on an anatomic level. RPC-155-1s exhibit anomalous properties in their increased sensory perceptiveness, tests on live instances of RPC-155-1 reveal that their eyesight, hearing and smell are approximately 3x more sensitive than a normal human being. Additionally, instances of RPC-155-1 have been observed to exhibit inhuman speed and strength. Additionally, instances of RPC-155-1 will act in a relatively normal manner, behaving in a way that a normal human being would. Deviations from this pattern of behaviour take place when persons that RPC-155-1 identify as an outsider enter the town. Even individuals that have already succumbed to the effects of RPC-155-2 have been subdued by instances of RPC-155-1 and are not seen for an unknown period of time before reappearing as integrated instances of RPC-155-1.5 While unknown at this time, it is believed that a geological anomaly, deemed RPC-155-3, detected by a geological scan conducted Authority orbital assets on 12/██/11 has some correlation to both RPC-155-1 and -2. As of this date, OL-Site-16 Director ██████ has requested MST Echo-1 be used for exploration of RPC-155 in addition to D-Class testing. Exploration conducted by D-Class personell and MST Echo-1 lead to the discovery of new information regarding RPC-155 and the creation of Revision 1/12/12.


Recreation of RPC-155-3s orbit and subsequent collision with Earth by Authority elements in ███████ Observatory.

Revision 1/12/12
Resulting from D-Class experimentation conducted on 1/██/126 and exploration conducted by MST Echo-1 "Street Cleaners"7, the following information was determined. RPC-155-3 is in fact, a moderately sized asteroid that was predicted to impact Earth in the late Paleogenic period,8 resting in a large aqueduct. This asteroid is approximately 150m below the surface, 15m radius at its largest distance from the centre and 5m radius at its shortest point. It is also an average of 5m tall. Additionally, through piping belonging to the natural gas plant, located the Northside of RPC-155, RPC-155-3 is responsible for the presence of RPC-155-1, which through at least 22 holes on its surface, it emits in extreme quantities. The aqueduct in which RPC-155-3 resides incompletely filled with the green haze that formulates RPC-155-2. Additionally, an incision of approximately 3m height and 1m width has been made into the asteroid revealing the interior of the asteroid is filled with a high viscosity pink liquid whose makeup have not bee determined, this is more than likely due to the asteroids extraterrestrial origins. From audio and limited footage, it is believed that RPC-155-3 acts as a chamber for conversion of humans into RPC-155-1 as well as a reanimation and repair chamber of instances of RPC-155-1.9 The origins of RPC-155-3 could not be traced due to the fact that it impacted Earth more than 35 million years ago. With this new information, all manned testing and exploration of RPC-155 have been suspended as of 2/██/12.



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