The hand of peron

Registered Phenomena Code: RPC-261

Object Class: Beta-Yellow

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Auditory Hazard, Memetic Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-261 is to be kept in a refrigerated storage unit to ensure preservation. No individuals exhibiting poor evaluations on the Memetic Resistance Test (MRT) are permitted within 10 meters of RPC-261, any change in behavior by personnel working around RPC-261 should be reported immediately. see addendum for information regarding protocol changes. RPC-261 is to be confined to a standard humanoid containment cell consisting of basic amenities, including: one bed, table, radio, paper and ink, and various history textbooks. A staff member with a high memetic resistance is to enter and speak with RPC-261 on a daily basis. In the event of said staff's susceptibility to RPC-261's cognitohazardous properties leading to an attempted theft of RPC-261, security personnel are to immediately immobilize, sedate, and temporarily detain the staff member.

Description:RPC-261 is the right hand of the former Argentinian president Juan Domingo Peron. RPC-261 exhibits notable sapience, being able to project disembodied vocalizations toward individual subjects within a 10 meter vicinity, RPC-261's primary anomalous effect manifests when an individual with low memetic resistance enters within a 10 meter proximity of it for a period lasting more than five minutes. After five minutes have elapsed, the individual is now designated an instance of RPC-261-2. RPC-261-2 will attempt to steal RPC-261 and proceed to escape with it to a "safe haven", RPC-261 appears to exhibit a limited form of awareness of its anomalous properties, stating that it produces extreme distress when questioned as to its aforementioned properties. These anomalous effects appear to be diminished when RPC-261 is held within a hospitable environment with continuous human interaction. If lacking either criteria, RPC-261's cognitohazardous effects will intensify and gradually increase the range of its effects until producing an instance of RPC-261-2.

Addendum: RECOVERY LOG 9/3/20XX
Authority agents working as police officers on Buenos Aires arrested a truck driver for lacking a license and showing signs of dementia and anxiety, after screams were heard inside the truck authority agents found what appeared to be a severed hand in a glass container. Agent Jose Darin whom scored below average score on the memetic resistance test quickly grabbed the container and run away with it, shortly after being detained and questioned on site agent said that he “needed to take it to a safe place” and “protect it”, agent was given amnestics and put on vigilance.

Addendum: INCIDENT LOG 9/8/20XX
5 days after RPC-261 was secured a group of 10 junior researchers broke into biological containment and attempted to steal RPC-261, after quickly being detained by on site security said researchers stated that “they needed to take him to a better place” saying that being placed in a cold box was beyond inhumane and deplorable for such a man like him. Amnestics seemed to work on making the memetic effect disappear.

Interviewed: RPC-261

Interviewer: Dr. Tomas

Foreword: An interview was set after the incident of 9/8/20XX. Translation from Spanish to English.
Dr. Tomas: Hello RPC-261 I’m here to ask you some question.
RPC-261: But of course my son, it is ever so nice to finally talk t a sane person, what concerns you? tell me and I shall answer.
Dr. Tomas: Do you remember anything before you were “kidnapped”?.
RPC-261: Ah yes, I was many things, a soldier, a patriot and a hard worker of my nation, but I could never imagine I would end my days on such despicable form, a piece of the man I once was, and to think I once stood tall in front of all the people of my nation, those who love me and I love back…, but I think I’m going out of topic here. The last thing i remember was closing my eyes, and there I saw it, the light, but it was no more light than the one from a thieve's flashlight, he grabbed me and place in a box, I tried to speak, I tried to move but it was worthless nonetheless.
Dr. Tomas: can you recall what happened afterward?, did they specify the reasons on why they took you?
RPC-262: They spoke of course, not to me, but to themselves, “How could they leave him in such a filthy place” they said, I was confused, I expected eternal sleep, not dirty robbery, scared like I never was on my life I tried closing my eyes but I had none, this continued until you and your people came to save me for witch I’m greatly thankful and, if it wasn’t much to ask, I just want to go back were I belong and finally have my well deserved rest.
Dr. Tomas: And take a man like you to a dirty grave? No way, but I know a better place, a place for a man such as you.
RPC-261: No, not again, someone please someone hel-.
<End Log]>

Closing Statement: After Dr. Tomas shut down the recording devices, he was found attempting to leave Site-XX with RPC-261 on his briefcase.

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