Item #: RPC-XXXX

Object Class: Alpha

Containment Protocols: The nature of RPC-XXXX means that moving it is impossible. Instead a 50X50 meter perimeter France

Description: RPC-XXXX is a Caucasian human male, they are 5ft8 weighing 67 Kilograms. RPC-XXXX is always seen wearing the uniform of a Soviet soldier possessing a sergeant rank, Circa 1942. RPC-XXXX is found to be fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English. (Though RPC-XXXX's english possesses a thick Ukrainian accent). RPC-XXXX has been observed eating and drinking at regular intervals often consuming standard Soviet MREs, where RPC-XXXX gets these supplies is currently under investigation. RPC-XXXX is always seen wielding either a Fedrov Avtomat or a Mosin-Nagant model 1891/30 (the only noticeable anomalous property of these weapons being their inability or jam or take damage, whether this is a property of the weapons themselves or of RPC-XXXX is unclear). RPC-XXXX is always seen guarding the entrance to, what appears to be, an underground bunker of some description (hereby designated RPC-XXXX-2). No records exist of RPC-XXX-2s construction, the only observable feature RPc-XXXX-2 is the main entrance, which is always guarded by RPC-XXXX. RPC-XXXX-2's entrance appears to be of standard Soviet construction circa 1957.

The only believed method of entering RPC-XXX-2 is through the main entrance as no other secondary entrances or evacuation hatches have been observed. All efforts to drill into RPC-XXXX-2 have met with failure.

Should an individual (Hereby referred to as the subject) approach RPC-XXXX-2's main entrance, specifically approaching a 15 meter radius, RPC-XXXX will stand to attention and aim their weapon at the subject, instructing them to leave the area. If the subject complies, then RPC-XXXX will put its weapon down and return to its post. if the subject does not comply, RPC-XXXX will attack the subject until they are killed. Once the subject is deceased, RPC-XXXX will reappear at its post. Any wounds RPC-XXXX will heal instantly after this happens.

RPC-XXXX has been observed to possess superhuman speed and strength, being about to dodge gunfire from a M4 assault rifle at a distance of 5 meters, video footage shows however that RPC-XXXX seems to only barely dodge these attacks. A single punch from RPC-XXXX has been found to fracture bones.


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