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Hello there fellow traveler, and welcome to my sandbox page. Here I will post up to 10+ drafts of the various projects I will work on for posting to the main site, aswell as the names of the various ideas I have.



  • Ethernet
  • Sad Cloud
  • Sad Machine
  • An Abandoned Destroyer
  • The Resonance
  • Stellar Jet Drake
  • Blightblade
  • Fire Charge Band
  • Arsenal
  • Souls of Flight
  • Critical Roll
  • God Ray Complex
  • Furious Headband
  • Frenzy Slime
  • Kaleidescope
  • A Faulty Fire Starter
  • Rods from gods
  • Dark Veil



Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: Ecological Hazard, Bio-hazard, Contact Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be contained in a Level-3 Biohazard containment chamber in Site-25. The chamber is to be rated to contain corrosive substances and is to have a closed-cycle ventilation system, with appropriately rated filters. A vent that is part of this system is to be installed above the object, its fan on at all times. The object's tip is to be submerged in a block of treated wood, which is to be replaced biweekly. Unless during testing, no personnel are to grip the hilt of the item. All testing of the item is to be supervised by 2 Level-3 or higher personnel and 3 or more security agents. When not in testing, 2 Level-2 or higher security guards are to guard to entrance to the containment chamber. When in transport, transport routes are to avoid large areas of sedentary life forms, such as forests.

All unauthorized instances of RPC-XXX-α are to be terminated on the spot. Instances of RPC-XXX-2 among staff are to be restrained and allowed for RPC-XXX-1 to pass through their systems. All infected dead bodies are to be incinerated.

Description: RPC-XXX is an anomalous claymore of currently unknown origin with infectious qualities. The sword is of average dimensions for a normal claymore1. The blade's anomalous design begins at the center of the guard, in which a living, purple heart is located. This heart has been noted to beat at a rate which is normal for humans at all times, this rate increasing when human beings draw near it. Branching from this heart is a pair of intertwined purple blood vessels which are embedded in the center of the blade and run almost all the way to the tip, connecting about 5 cm before it. These in turn have more blood vessels branching from them in pairs, all of which run over the edge of the blade before reconnecting to the central blood vessels on the opposite side of the blade. All of these vessels, while damageable, have been noted to regenerate damage at a rapid pace. Regardless of their state of being, the vessels will irregularly drip an unknown purple corrosive substance - RPC-XXX itself is immune to its effects. The blade of the item itself is made up of an unknown black metal, which has properties all of which are superior to steel, being able to cleave through stone with relative ease. The pommel and guard are composed of a purple material that is similar or the same as that which makes up the blade.

At all times, RPC-XXX excretes an aerosol, visible as a smoky, black-purple mist. This mist contains a pathogen known as RPC-XXX-1, which is also found on the blade itself. When RPC-XXX-1 comes in contact with any mobile living being2 (hereby refered to as RPC-XXX-2), be it via inhalation or skin contact, they experience the following effects:

  • A drastic increase in adrenaline production
  • A feeling of uncontained rage towards those who are not infected by RPC-XXX-1
  • an almost doubling of physical traits, such as strength and speed
  • much quicker regeneration of non-lethal wounds, but frailer bodies in general
  • their eyes will begin to emit large amounts of an aerosol of similar to that which emits from RPC-XXX. Their bodies will also emit said aerosol in small amounts.
  • the ability to infect others with RPC-XXX-1 via scratches or contact with bodily fluids
  • emotional attatchment to RPC-XXX, often culminating in repeated exposure to RPC-XXX-1 to extend its effects and search for a "worthy one" to wield RPC-XXX
  • an almost undeniable desire to obey the commands of the wielder of RPC-XXX

After approximately 3 days of activity, all smaller living instances of RPC-XXX-23 succumb to the rigor put upon their body by RPC-XXX-1 and die. If left alone for long enough, these dead bodies have been noted to sprout black-purple growths of unknown origin, which begin to produce an aerosol assumed to be similar to that which is emitted from RPC-XXX, before shriveling up and dying for an unknown reason. Larger instances of RPC-XXX-2 instead expell RPC-XXX-1 from their systems unless re-exposed to the pathogen, typically leaving them with flu-like symptoms for an additional 2 days.

The person who wields RPC-XXX, noted as RPC-XXX-α, gains only of the positive effects attributed to exposure to RPC-XXX-1, aswell as the attatchment to RPC-XXX and the ability to control all instances of RPC-XXX-2 within a kilometer radius of RPC-XXX. The instances of RPC-XXX-2 almost uniformly treat the RPC-XXX-α as a king, or if not a great leader of sorts, capitulating to their will, almost always. Instances of RPC-XXX-α exude the previously mentioned aerosol from their bodies at extremely high rates, often completely cloaking them with a cloud of the substance, the only visible portions of their bodies being their eyes, which are observable as 2 appropriately placed glowing purple dots. None of this, however, has been noted to obscure their vision. All observed instances of RPC-XXX-α have so far tried to use RPC-XXX in order to generate more instances of RPC-XXX-2, persumably to build an army of sorts, for an unknown purpose. RPC-XXX-α are capable of using RPC-XXX with the proficiency of a professional swordsman, despite the lack of such abilities before exposure. They are also capable of using RPC-XXX at range by swinging the sword hard enough to send a cloud of infectious aerosol at their opponents. Some have been noted to cut the veins on the blade of RPC-XXX and use the resulting high-pressure wash of blood to attack opponents.

Addendum XXX-01: As a follow up to an unusual observation involving the item, multiple interviews of various instances of RPC-XXX-α were taken, in which all the interviewed instances of RPC-XXX-α stated that when in contact with RPC-XXX, a female voice of unknown origin "speaks into their minds", guiding their actions and providing them with insight. Who this being is is unknown, and observations and investigations into their identity and connections to RPC-XXX are still underway.

Addendum XXX-02: After a particularly hard swing temporarily dislodged a section of blood vessels on RPC-XXX, a logo and a small trademark from a company calling itself "Artiface" has been discovered on the top-surface of the guard of RPC-XXX. Investigation into this corporation is underway.

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