Fail-safe Protocol Timeline

A quick overview of the important timestamps in the Site-014 event.

June 13th, 2019

04:00 AM — Two major research experiments are being undertaken. One is cross-testing of multiple anomalous substances, the other experimentation with inter-dimensional travel.

04:12 — [Approximately] A false mechanical failure alarm is sounded.

04:20RPC-831 overrides multiple systems1 in Site-014, priming the Nuclear fail-safe and allowing for standard protocol and safety measures to be bypassed.

04:22 — The first fail-safe is unlocked in a security Office.

04:25 — A manifesto is uploaded to the Authority Database.

04:27 — The fail-safe is finalized in the Site Directors Office.

04:28 — Two containment doors are opened unauthorized. An anomaly can be seen escaping.

04:33 — A VTOL exits the facility.

04:37 — A 5kt nuke is detonated - destroying the main facility. At this point a Tera-3 Reality Instability Scenario occurs in a northern room into which 6 staff enter. The Instability is then resolved. At some point a non-euclidean space begins to form in the previous location of the cross-test on level 5. A janitor is transported into the euclidean space.

05:00Fuzzy creatures can be seen crawling out of the facility.

05:20 — A van exits Site-014's main parking garage.

05:38 — The van crashes into a nearby towns Mcdonalds

07:00 — Several homes in Site-014's area receive a broadcast.

07:30Project Blue Book begins recording data pertaining to the event. They dispatch teams to the area for observation and to help prevent sensitive information from being released.

08:00 — AEP officially denies endorsing or having any prior knowledge of the incident. They allow for RPC to investigate nearby Site-515.

12:00 PM — [Approximately] RPC-739 was discovered 13 miles away from Site-014's location. Throughout the day it resists multiple containment attempts. RPC-771 is discovered in a nearby town as MST's arrive to evacuate.

17:00Malthus groups arrive en masse and enter areas of the facility, clashing with Authority troops.

June 14th, 2019

03:30 AM — An operation begins to contain RPC-739. It was successfully contained after 40 minutes.

At some point GEAR is contracted to assist the Authority in clean up efforts, including the re-containment of anomalies.

The days following

June 15th — An organization known as the UNAAC is reportedly assisting with US and UN agencies. These documents are soon reported to the public to be fake.

The explosion is reported as an accidental nuclear detonation.

A Malthus sect attacks Authority personnel in the Site-014 area, some are killed quickly and the rest retreat.

A civilian approaches the remains of Site-014 and enters, leaving a child outside. He exits and shortly after dies.

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