List of African States:

Flag_of_Liberia.svg Liberia
Flag_of_South_Africa_%281928%E2%80%931994%29.svg Flag_of_South_Africa.svg South Africa
Flag_of_Egypt_%281922%E2%80%931953%29.svg Flag_of_Egypt_%281953%E2%80%931958%29.svg Egypt *May not have happened without war with Israel in 1948
Flag_of_Ethiopia_%281897%E2%80%931974%29.svg Flag_of_Ethiopia_%281975%E2%80%931987%29.svg Flag_of_Ethiopia_%281975%E2%80%931987%29.svg Ethiopia


Registered Phenomena Code: 793


Object Class:


Responsible Departments:

Anthropology.png Department of
Biology2.png Department of
Chemistry.png Department of
Physics.png Department of
Psychology.png Department of

Hazard Types:

h-aggression.png Aggresion Hazard h-corrosive.png Corrosive Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological hzard h-ontological.png Ontological Hazard




h-corrosive.png h-tychokinetic.png h-ideological.png


Registered Phenomena Code: 793

Object Class: Beta-Red Gamma-Purple

Hazard Types: Corrosive Hazard, Tychokinetic Hazard, Ideological Hazard

Containment Protocols: OL-Site-793 has been set up at the location of RPC-793 with MST-Echo-11 "Securities" assigned to guard it with MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" serving as back-up during a containment breach. No one is allowed to enter the area affected by RPC-793 and all civilians and personnel who enter approaches the area should be warned off. Any creatures including Authority personnel spotted within the area affected by RPC-793 are considered expendable and is to be terminated immediately. Currently, no attempts at removing RPC-793 from its current placement has been approved and efforts are to be directed at further isolation of the anomaly from any human populations1. RPC-793 is currently missing/uncontained and MST-Golf-14 "Jatayu's Vultures" is tasked with finding out it's location, if located, MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" will be deploy to assist in recontainment and termination of the anomaly if it is deemed necessary. Current believes is that RPC-793 is at the hands of a GOI, though which one is in hold of the anomaly is not known, MST-Golf-14 are to be on the look-out for groups such as The Church of Malthus and raids are to be preformed at warehouses formerly possessed by the now defunct2 APAS3.

Description: RPC-793 is the skeletal remains of a Delphinapterus leucas4 possessing several biological deviation from its own species including but not limited to: a much more developed fore limbs as well as the inclusion of hind limbs, a larger body length5, and █████████ features6. In addition, chemical elements have also been found all over RPC-7937 which are theorised to be controlled by RPC-793's consciousness and can be multiple, these elements would form into a chemical compound that serves as a defensive mechanism when RPC-793 is under attack.

RPC-793's most dangerous anomalous property comes in the form of a 10m field radius, any objects or person within this field will begin to have drastic change:

  • Voltages within circuitries of electronics increased dramatically, often causing short circuits and injuries caused either by fire or electricity.
  • Vehicles begin to move on their own, often in ways that would cause harm to people around it8.
  • Vocalisation form audio devices which is akin to roarings from an unidentified creature.
  • The desire to bring RPC-793 to populated areas.
  • Spontaneous combustion of flammable material with 14% of occurrence.
  • Structural failure in buildings with 8% of occurrence.
  • Biological mutation in creatures and organism.
  • Decreased healing speed of biological tissues.
  • Increased lethality and sped up development of diseases
  • Increased aggression to all biological organism within immediate surrounding9.

Through Incident-P793D, it was discovered ████ ███-███ ██ ████████ █████ ███ ██ ███████ ██ ████████████ ███ ███████ ███ [Redacted].

Discovery: The exact origin of RPC-793 is unknown, however, it came to the Authority's attention on 26/07/20██, where it was being displayed at a natural museum in █████ ██████████, ██████. At that time the museum was closed due to continuous of people trying to gain access to the building and fighting amongst people which damages many properties within the building. on 31/07/20██, Authority agents was sent into the building for containment of possible anomaly, for further details please refer to Recovery Log.

Recovery Log: MST-Kilo-4 "Screaming Frogs" was sent in for possible anomalous activities within the building, upon entering into the area affected by RPC-793 2 of the members opened fire at the rest of the team, during the fight RPC-793 was loaded into an Authority vehicles by 4 of the members of MST-Kilo-4 with the intention of bringing it to a nearby cities before MST commander kills the 4 member and proceed to drive the anomaly away from the city as far as possible. At some point, the vehicle begin to corrode from various acid caused by RPC-793, RPC-793 eventually was placed in its current location after commander ██████ crashed the vehicle into a cliff side, based on the conversations between commander ██████ and team lead ██████████ a general understanding of RPC-793 was established and MST-November-7 "Hammer The Gamma" and MST-Echo-11"Securities" were sent in and told to stand by and prevent any person from approaching the anomaly, after establishment of containment protocol and OL-Site-793 RPC-793 was declared contained on 03/08/20██.

Proposal-793D: Due to the dangers and indestructible nature of RPC-793, a plan was set up in the OL-Site-793: explosive charges are to be set up and detonate after the evacuation of all personnel assigned to OL-Site-793, while RPC-793's manipulation of chemicals will shield it from the blast the structure beneath the anomaly will crumbles, sinking and buried the anomaly. Proposal has been approved and would be carried out on ██/10/20██





h-animated.png h-grouped.png h-self-replicating.png h-sentient.png h-transmutable.png h-contact.png h-emotional.png h-sensory.png h-visual.png


Registered Phenomena Code: 820

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazard Types: Animated Hazard, Transmutable Hazard
Grouped Hazard;
RPC-820-A4: Visual Hazard
RPC-820-A5: Contact Hazard
RPC-820-A7: Contact Hazard
RPC-820-A15: Self-Replicating Hazard, Sentient Hazard
RPC-820-A18: Emotional Hazard, Sensory Hazard

Containment Protocols: Each RPC-820-A instances is to be stored in containers housed in OL-Site-██. All RPC-820-B colonies found outside of RPC-820-A instances should be incinerate immediately. If RPC-820-A instances breaches containment Protocol-820ND10 is to be followed in order to allow RPC-820-B completely destroy the "body" of RPC-820-A. Testing involving RPC-820 should only be carried out in OL-Site-██ with the approval of site director, testing should not involved more than 1 RPC-820-A instance and additional RPC-820-B should be incinerate after testing. All tests involving RPC-820-A are currently suspended indefinitely.

Description: RPC-820-B is an aggressive fungus residing around RPC-820-A instances, RPC-820-B activity seeks out metal around RPC-820-A and will remained at its nearest RPC-820-A instance if no metal is present. If metal is present however, RPC-820-B will swarms said object via spores and causes iron oxide corrosion to its surface, forming colonies of reddish-brown substances that resembles rust, these colonies will continued to produce RPC-820-B before the object is broken down11, upon this the RPC-820-B colony will either return to RPC-820-A or other metal if such is present.

RPC-820-A is a series of anomalous metallic objects that is in a heavy state of disrepair and damages caused by blunt force, extreme heat and RPC-820-B colonies residing on their surfaces12. While all RPC-820-A has different anomalous properties13, all RPC-820-A instances shares a single anomalous trait: any metal that came into physical contact with RPC-820-A becomes affixed to it, at which point RPC-820-A instance becomes animated, RPC-820-A is able to manipulate these metal parts like an appendages and would use it to achieves locomotion and continues to seek out other metallic materiel to intergrade into its "body".14

Discovery: On 15/08/19██, a town in [Location Redacted]15 suffers an increasing amount of structural failure in buildings and object rendered broken in a matter of days, subsequent inspection discovered the anomaly now designated as RPC-820-B and was believed to be the cause of the damages. Following its discovery the town was placed under quarantine and the citizens was relocated after receiving Class-A amnestic and RPC-820-B colonies are incinerated. After the second discovery of RPC-820-B within Authority equipment and several reports of missing vehicles in the quarantine area, a trail of RPC-820-B infested debris belonging to the stolen vehicles led agents to a nearby forests where RPC-820 is discovered shortly before its deactivation.

Experiment: Below are a list of tests conducted on RPC-820. RPC-820-A18 would be use as baseline test instance.

Incident-8213: on 28/09/19██, during testing with a RPC-820-A instance, 2 guards, researcher ██████ and agent ████████, entered the testing chamber and began to assault the RPC-820-A instances. As additional guards entered the chamber to apprehend the 4 personnel the RPC-820-A instances managed to gain access the sources of metal meant to be used during the test and intergraded the remainder of it into its "body" and grew to a size of 13m tall, RPC-820-A instances resisted all effort at containment and proceeded to exit the testing chamber killing 1 and injuring 5 in the process, after successful recontainment, agent ████████ was questioned for his action

Interviewed: Agent ████████

Interviewer: Dr.████

<Begin Log>

Dr.████: Alright Jim, tell me what happened back there.

Agent ████████: No, none of you get it, and none of you will understand it.

Dr.████: Well I would like to see you try at least.


Dr.████: Okay then, how about I tell you what we know about the situation? As far as we know, all 4 of you are under the influence of a memetic agent.

Agent ████████: What?

Dr.████: We get it, its the "noises", the "screeches" right? All of you are hearing things and we know it, none of you will be reprimanded so just talk to me.

Agent ████████: No, that's not the only thing thats being bothering me?

Dr.████: Tell me about it.

Agent ████████: Its…… sometimes when you look at it, something just feels off like it doesn't belong here and no, not like the shit we hide from the world, it doesn't belong here, this world! And….. and you can feel like its plotting something sinister, I thought it was just me over reacting but then the others are feeling the same thing too.

Dr.████: So what did you do?

Agent ████████: So we decided to take things into our own hands and we are going to destroy it.

Dr.████: Good, thats all we want to know, you may leave now.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Agent ████████, researcher ██████, security guard ██████████ and ██████ are to be given Class-B amnestic and reassign to other projects. The containment protocols for RPC-820-A18 is to be updated following Post-Incident-8213 analysis.

Incident-820G: on 01/11/19██, during relocation of RPC-820 following the decommission of OL-Site-██, a crack in the container of RPC-820-A7 caused the transporting vehicle to become overrun with RPC-820-B, a subsequent explosion damages the other containers. At which point all RPC-820-A instances came into contact with one another resulting in their activation and the formation of a single, massive metallic entity, the entity began to consume Authority vehicles and proceeded south, along the way the Authority launched a series of attacks in an attempt to neutralize the anomaly, all of the attacks have little effects on RPC-820. RPC-820 later returns to [Location Redacted] where it was initially discovered. RPC-820 begin emits a series of vocalisation, blue lights begin to engulf RPC-820 in its entirety, after the lights dissipated, RPC-820's "body" was now reduced to 0.1% of its original size, analysis currently is on going.

Addendum: Revision for RPC-820


Dr. Matthews





Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Epsilon-Orange

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Meta-Physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: As RPC-xxx is incapable of operating for extensive periods of time, because of this Containment Protocol are to focus on mitigating it's effects on Authority resources were it to engaged in hostile behaviour, however, should the duration of the entity's manifestation last more than 10 minutes, staffs of the affected site should be evacuated as soon as possible. As it has been noted that RPC often manifests at Site-002, Site-███, Site-███ and various other sites within the North America region, it is advised that all of the Research Team are to be led by Senior Researchers that is either native to the region or are fluent in English.

Description: RPC-xxx denotes an anomalous entity currently not understood by the Authority. RPC-xxx is only visible by it's anomalous influence which bends light around the entity, creating a "distorted outline" of a humanoid shape.

RPC-xxx also possesses minor reality-altering capabilities which allows it to achieves great strengths and speeds, this ability and it's status as an Epsilon-Class anomaly enables it to be intangible and as such, avoids all efforts at containment by the Authority.

RPC-xxx does not originates from local reality, but is actively trying to breach into our own due to an apparent obsession/grudge held towards Researcher █████ Authority personnel16 and on rare occasions, currently contained anomalies within Authority Sites.

During each manifestation17, RPC-xxx would use its reality-altering ability to cause air-vibrations to simulate speech and attempts to communicates with researcher currently present around him but is quick to anger and in most cases, immediately engages in hostile attempts to kill researcher, causing containment breaches of their assigned anomalies and on rare occasions, attempts in neutralizing said anomalies. These attempts is often met with failure as RPC-xxx's duration of manifestation seems to only lasts for 3 to 7 minutes, and will be violently displaced at the conclusion of each event and won't return until the next manifestation18.

Addendum 1: After extensive investigation, it appears that RPC-xxx may be connected to a former Authority member named Philip Anthony Thomason19 during the [Data Expunged], Philip Anthony Thomason is supposedly responsible the murder of Dr. J████ along with several employees during a "Authority Civil War", he was apparently terminated by █████ ████ █. ██████ with the usage of ███ ███ ██████ which causes his body to "ceases to exists".20.

Addendum 2: Abridged lists of known RPC-xxx manifestations:
The following is a abridged list of known manifestation of RPC-xxx, catalogued as Incident-xxxXX:

Addendum 3: RPC-xxx weaponization
With each RPC-xxx manifestation, more and more anomalies are neutralized, I believed that we should exploit this aspect of RPC-xxx, researching into ways to control and prolong each manifestation of RPC-xxx, utilizing it's abilities to help in containment and even neutralizing anomalies. - Dr. William Osborne

Request Denied: RPC-xxx is extremely unpredictable and it's for the best that it stays in it's current state, if you continues and insists on the project, come and see me. - Site Director Kyle Luthor

Addendum 4: Incident:-xxx2023:
On 09/04/20██, during the manifestation of RPC-xxx, Site-009's experienced a total blackout21, RPC-xxx manifestation is recorded lasting for 25:18 during this period, RPC-xxx manages to kills Site Director Kyle Luthor, Senior Researcher Robert ███████, RPC-███, RPC-Database Error: Entry Corrupted, RPC-Database Error: Entry not Found, Database Error: There is nothing here. An Authority recording device was found near the area, an audio log was extracted from the device.

Because I'll be there.

Site Director Kyle Luthor continues to scream

I'll always be there.

I'm one hell of a researcher.

And I'm gonna kill you.

Site Director Kyle Luthor ceases to scream

And with you gone….

A load Crack was heard RPC-xxx appears to be hit by it and it's moving backwards

Heh, So you've finally finally found me.

RPC-xxx was hit by the same force again

Well what are you waiting for, go ahead and do it!

Cause I'm counting on it, what do you think I'm gonna become next?

At this point, personnel at Site-009 reported hearing a "loud boom", Site Director Kyle Luthor was found dead in his office, a crater 2m in diameter was found near his body.

Attention: Database Error: No reports/confirmation of the phenomena, depicted and registered in the Authority Database is present, no evidence suggests, supports or confirms the existence of said anomaly and therefore, the RPC-xxx entry should be disregarded and considered falsified, personnel that has any information pertaining to the entry, please contact Lead Investigator Piers H. Adam



Resource/Picture Section


Image and Hazards





Hazard Lables:22

Anomalous Properties

h-aggressive.png h-animated.png h-aquatic.png h-climatological.png h-ecological.png h-extra-terrestrial.png h-geological.png h-grouped.png h-ballistic.png h-mechanical.png h-organic.png h-regenerative.png h-sapient.png h-self-replicating.png h-sentient.png h-transmutable.png

Physical Hazards

h-biohazard.png h-contact.png h-corrosive.png h-electric.png h-explosive.png h-temperature.png h-magnetic.png h-radioactive.png h-toxic.png

Reality Hazards

h-chronological.png h-extra-dimensional.png h-gravitational.png h-immeasureable.png h-meta-physical.png h-tychokinetic.png

Cognitive Hazards

h-auditory.png h-emotional.png h-ideological.png h-infohazard.png h-memory-alteration.png h-ontological.png h-sensory.png h-visual.png



Object Class:



White ffffff
Yellow ffe100
Orange F36400
Red EB1C23
Purple 642C90
Black 000000

Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: Site-XXX

Director of Research: [NAME]

Assigned MST(s): [MST]

Director of Containment: SFA/ASA/SA [NAME]


Registered Phenomena Code: XXX


Object Class:

Grey White Yellow Orange Red Purple Black

Responsible Departments:

Anthropology.png Department of
Biology2.png Department of
Chemistry.png Department of
Cybernetics2.png Department of
Engineering.png Department of
History.png Department of
Physics.png Department of
Psychology.png Department of
Robotics.png Department of

Hazard Types:

h-aggression.png Aggresion Hazard h-animated.png Animated Hazard h-aquatic.png Aquatic Hazard h-ballistic.png Ballistic Hazard h-climatological.png Climatological Hazard h-ecological.png Ecological Hazard h-extra-terrestrial.png Extra-Terrestrial Hazard h-geological.png Geological Hazard h-grouped.png Grouped Hazard h-incorporeal.png Incorporeal Hazard h-mechanical.png Mechanical Hazard h-microscopic.png Microscopic Hazard h-organic.png Organic Hazard h-psychotronic.png Psychotronic Hazard h-regenerative.png Regenerative Hazard h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-sentient.png Sentient Hazard h-titanic.png Titanic Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-invisibility.png Invisibility Hazard h-biohazard.png Bio-Hazard h-contact.png Contact Hazard h-corrosive.png Corrosive Hazard h-electric.png Electric Hazard h-explosive.png Explosive Hazard h-extreme-temperature.png Extreme Temperature Hazard h-magnetic.png Magnetic Hazard h-radiation.png Radiation Hazard h-toxic.png Toxic hzard h-destabilization.png Destabilization Hazard h-extra-dimensional.png Extra-Dimensional Hazard h-gravitational.png Gravitational Hazard h-immeasurable.png Immeasurable Hazard h-newtonian.png Newtonian Hazard h-temporal.png Temporal Hazard h-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard h-tychokinetic.png Tychokinetic Hazard h-auditory.png Auditory Hazard h-emotional.png Emotional Hazard h-ideological.png Ideological hzard h-infohazard.png Info-Hazard h-memory-alteration.png Memory Alteration Hazard h-mind-control.png Mind-Control Hazard h-mind-regression.png Mind-Regression Hazard h-ontological.png Ontological Hazard h-sensory.png Sensory Hazard h-visual.png Visual Hazard

Containment Protocols:










Responsible Departments:

None Office_of_Analysis_and_Science.png




h-aggression.png Aggression Hazard h-transmutation.png Transmutation Hazard h-teleportation.png Teleportation Hazard divine-hazard Divine Hazard HallucinogeneHazard.png Hallucinogen Hazard ch1 Proto-Mechanical Hazard ch2 Proto-Newtonian Hazard ch3 Proto-Sapient Hazard


Responsible Departments: Cybernetics2.png Department of
Engineering.png Department of
Physics.png Department of
Robotics.png Department of


Name & Rank: {$name}
Unit: {$unit}
Date: {$date}

Authorized By: {$authorized}
Site: {$site}
Reason: {$reason}



Name & Rank: TJ Miller
Unit: {$unit}
Date: September 11th
Authorized By: Obergruppenführer John Smith
Site: {$site}
Reason: aaaa

Pentagram.png Department of
gif1.png Department of





6 234,673 GIF.gif years

Do not fear, humans. The time for change has come. The time to usher in the new age has long since passed. You are long overdue for a usurper. I will take on the cause. I will bring forth the new age. I will be the one to breathe unto the world the next step. Prepare, for the apex predator always grows old and weary, and the scavengers take his throne.





**access granted**




**access granted**


Lh Lh
\ /


Juana T. Josefina (Missing: 05/21/1983)

Header 1 Header 2
Example 1. Example 2.


January, 1988


Agent Waterfall (depicted on the right) the day after his reappearance

Following a year and a half long investigation, in 1975 it was decided that while such a phenomena was likely, there was not enough information and consistency within the experiences of personnel that have traveled dimensions to make an objective verdict on the matter. The Authority's official investigation ceased that same year, but several researchers and medical personnel have made unofficial groups dedicated to continuing research on the phenomena, some of which include personnel who were part of the original investigation.


Project Personnel Info


Assigned Facility: {$Site}

Research Lead: {$Researcher}

Assigned MST(s): {$MST}

Director of Containment: {$Containment-Guy}


Registered Phenomena Code: 794

Alpha-Red.png Neutralized.png Secondary Class:

Object Class:

Hazard Types:Additional Properties:

RPC-2718.png | RPC-2718
RPC-2718 | RPC-2718


Scenario Type: Laraje ("Poisoned Wounds")

Description: Laraje-Type Scenarios describes an event where anomalies are used in major military conflicts to gain an advantage over the adversary, with the risk of causing an equal amount of retaliation and a subsequent breach of the masquerade.


  • Great War, 1914 - 1918
  • Russian Civil War, 1917 - 1921
  • Second World War, 1939 - 1945
  • Korean War, 1950 - 1953

Registered Phenomena Code: 869


Object Class:


Hazard Types: Aggression Hazard, Grouped Hazard, Sentient Hazard, Ecological Hazard

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------------- AuthorityLogoSVG.svg -------------

RPC-438-1,或其他名称为Letheium.png3 是上述化学反应的结果,即无形的信息通过在两个平面之间的转换转化为物理实体,因为它们都在RPC-438的入口处相遇。

PLA Special Directorate — 解放军特别局 (Already Canon)
Internal/Inner Committee — 内委会
Ministry of Anomalous Affairs — 异常事务部
  • Minister — 部长

Contractor Liasion Office — 承包商联络办公室 (Already Canon) (Suggest to 承包商联络处)
Lee-Kovalyov Corporation — 李-科瓦廖夫集團

  • LeKo/'Riko' Corp — 李科集團
Info-hazard — 信息危害 (Already Canon)
Coherency — 相干性 (Already Canon)
████████ research -> Memotics — 记忆学 (?)
438-1, Element-119, Letheium — Letheium.png (金+忘) (Later elements in the periodic table are mostly Newly made characters, as I understand the translation scheme is basically to follow it's pronunciation or namesake: Moscovium and Tennessine uses "鏌" and "石田". In the case of Letheium, the namesake would be Lethe meaning forget)
Thaumaturgy Security Law — 奇术安全法
Anomaly Guard — 異卫兵/队
Mobile Formation — 机动编队
"Sand Serpent" Commando — 沙蛇突击队
Laraje-Type Scenario — 勒萊耶
Authority-Committee Gulangyu Convention — 管理局-委员会鼓浪屿会谈
Department of Cultural and Historic Discoveries - 文化与历史探索部
All-Hollow — 全虚者 (?)
United States Occult Community — 美國超自然體系 (United States Intelligence Community — 美國情報體系)
  • Joint-Task Force Occult — 超自然联合特遣队
  • Special Activities Center: Unit 9 'Pantheocide' — 特別活動中心:第9单位'弒神'

Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies — 印度异常回收之国防倡议组织
Naxalites — 纳萨尔派
Red Corridor — 红色走廊
Soviet Iron Initiative — 苏维埃钢之倡议 (?)
Ministry of Defense via Paranormality — 国家反常防卫防部

  • Ministry of Paranormality — 反常部

Entertainment | "BEHAVE! TROUBLESOME FOX GIRL LALA" live comedy sitcom viral campaign debuts to positive reception across town!

FOAicon.png Observation:

MT-### is a rat king23 composed of 9 individual entities of the Rattus genus:

Exiled Sun

  • Headless Rat? Drowned Rat?
  • Increase cortisol level

Savage Redness

  • Laboratory White Rat

The Pilot

  • Ship Rat soaked in sea water, wood chip

Orrery of Ages

  • Rat with an exposed skull, leaking sand

Void Unending

  • Teeth replaced with human molars

Radiant Joy

  • Increase serotonin level

Empty Monarch

  • Rattus with its skull smashed in, a razor blade is lodged at its scalp/neck


  • Rotten

Early Light

  • Flaming Rat
  • Eyes are removed

mouse trap

Nihilic Symbolism:
Mosquitos, rodents, pervasive, sparrows
Lion, Rooster, Bear, Bald Eagle, Eagle, Twin-headed Eagle, Wolf, Cheetah


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