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Earliest report of the re-emergence of Dr. Matthews, image taken at Site-███ on ██/██/████.

Registered Phenomena Code: xxx

Object Class: Epsilon-Orange

Hazards: Sapient Hazard, Extra-dimensional Hazard, Meta-Physical Hazard

Containment Protocols: The "Joke" article known as "RPC-xxx-J" "The Extra-spooky ghost of Dr. Matthews" has been removed from the so-call "Joke" archive, the owner, Senior Researcher █████, along with the writher of said article and all personnel involved in Incident-RRA0 has been brought in for questionings for their knowledge of Dr. Matthews and the investigation into whether or not foul play was involved in the creation of RPC-xxx. Researches done by Dr. Matthews on the aspects of Extra-Dimensions has also been investigated to see if any of this research is related to RPC-xxx. While amnestic had been able to expunge all information retaining to RPC-xxx, due to the Dr. Matthews status and involvement in many projects, complete expungement is impossible/difficult and unnecessary, meaning a story similar to RPC-xxx will eventually exist and the subsequent manifestation of RPC-xxx-1 is inevitable.

Description: RPC-xxx refers to an info-hazardous "Joke" article written by members of the Authority using the format for registered phenomena, contents of RPC-xxx revolves around the Dr. Matthews █████1 becoming an Epsilon-Class anomalous entity in order to return to his world after Incident-RRA02.

Under normal circumstances of viewing, RPC-xxx shows no signs of anomalous activities. RPC-xxx's anomalous abilities will only manifest when the story of RPC-xxx is told to a person/ when RPC-xxx is read in the vicinity of at least 1 person, a RPC-xxx-1 instances will manifest near the individual.

RPC-xxx-1 is Dr. Matthews █████ the manifestation of a polymorphic entity of undetermined appearance, but based on reports made by witnesses, and comparisons of various features of the entity, it has been determine that RPC-xxx-1 has partial appearance of Dr. Matthews █████ with facial features burred/unclear. RPC-xxx-1 is a Class-II Reality-Altering entity with ACS of reality around the entity measured at 3.██(ACS-3), combining this with its reality-altering capabilities makes physical containment of RPC-xxx-1 impossible.

Each manifestation will last for 10 to 30 minutes before entity before the entity slowly fades away, during each manifestation, RPC-xxx-1 will began to hunt for individuals, how exactly RPC-xxx-1 chooses its target is unclear, as RPC-xxx-1 will often ignore the person who summons the entity but RPC-xxx-1 has been noted to be actively hunting: Epsilon-class and other Extra-dimensional anomalies, Authority personnel3. Methods used by RPC-xxx-1 to kill its victims often includes the usage of its Reality-Altering abilities to creates constructs/creatures that pulled the victims into a "portal", once taken, none of those individual would be found. A note worthy of attention is that while constructs created by RPC-xxx-1 used to kill anomalous individuals shows no sign of patterns4, but the methods of taking away Authority personnel is either caused by the either 2 following:

1. 4 or more anomalous humanoids are formed from black patches that emerge from surrounding areas, humanoids then begin to approach the subject and chanting the phase that alters from but similar to "The HERO Must Died!", upon reaching the subject, all of them would start sinking to the group taking the subject with them.

2. RPC-xxx-1 would touch the subject, subject then begins to [REDACTED], subject would disappear once this is over.

Interview-RADxxx: The following interview was taken on ██/██/████.


Interviewed: RPC-xxx-1

Interviewer: Senior Researcher ██████████

Foreword: On ██/██/████, Senior Researcher ██████████, a former colleague initiated an unauthorized interview with RPC-xxx-1, by conversing with Junior Researcher ████ about RPC-xxx-J, RPC-xxx-1 manifested and the following is recorded.

<Begin Log>

RPC-xxx-1 appears, ignoring Researcher ██████████ and begin to look around its surrounding, Junior Researcher ████ runs off to sound an emergency alarm.

Researcher ██████████: Matt, is that you?


RPC-xxx-1: I'm afraid your calls will not be answered, ██████ ████████ ██████████.

Researcher ██████████: Then who is it I'm speaking to and why do you look like my friend?

RPC-xxx-1: My appearance matters little, taken as it is the most relative to your reality.

Researcher ██████████: Then my question would be: Why are you here?

RPC-xxx-1: My fellow researcher, I believe you're misunderstood my intention.

Researcher ██████████: Intention?

RPC-xxx-1: One that lacks any sorts of evil. You and your organization believed that I was a creature of malevolence, those of which you wish to contain, the truth is far from that, in fact, my intentions are well-founded, much like those from you and this form I have taken.

Researcher ██████████: And what are going to say to justify all of those intentions.

RPC-xxx-1: Not killed, merely returned. The Authority contains those that defies the laws of science, the ones they do not understand, I however, understands their nature, those of abnormalities and I simply return them to where they belong, you believe you know those people, your colleagues, but I can tell you this: Realities are very thin layers of fabric, a simple tear are the ones that be repair, but if you keep tearing them open, it will become larger and larger, then there will be no saving.

Researcher ██████████: … What do you mea-

On-site security arrives and begin to shoot RPC-xxx-1, upon seeing Agent Nelson, RPC-xxx-1 becomes active and gives chase.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Manifestation lasted for 9 minutes, no life are claimed by RPC-xxx-1, pending on analysis of knowledge gain during the interview, Researcher ██████████ will be reprimanded accordingly.

Investigation on Agent Nelson:Investigation on Agent Nelson is ongoing to establish how RPC-xxx-1 targets his victims On ██/██/████, Agent Nelson was found in his apartment, died from self-inflicted injuries, pieces of decomposing biological tissues was found in his fridge, testing concluded that the DNA of the pieces matches those of Agent Nelson. A message was sent to a unknown person5:

They are on me now its just a matter of time before they realize [REDACTED].


Containment of Anomaly:
After establishment of temporary containment, a researcher will be assigned examine the anomaly based the anomaly's hazard for a brief overview on anomalous effects, after examination they are then to summit a report to the containment division detailing the discovery and suggestion for containment[[footnoteblock]]This report will later be used as the first version of the RPC document[[/footnoteblock]] for containment division personnel to choose a site for containment of the anomaly, the possible modification for containment unit or even a containment chamber from the ground up.

After successful establishment of the long-term containment, at least 1 personnel of each division will be assigned to a Research Team dedicated to the documentation of the RPC.

Cross-testing of Anomaly:
In order for cross-testing of anomaly to be approved, all Research Team of involved anomaly must first agreed to said cross-testing, if any Research Team deem it a risk of containment breach, said cross-testing will not be allowed.

Relocation of Anomaly:
If an anomaly is to be relocated, a Protection division unit assigned to the task will be required to consult the Research Team on the dangers of anomaly to minimise the risk of containment breach as well as for the unit to familiarize themselves with the anomaly.

Neutralization of Anomaly:
The Protection division will reviewed the RPC document and if the dangers are too high, a vote will be held under 3 catagories: Research division(The difficulty in neutralization of the anomaly), Protection division(The consequence of allowing the anomaly to or not continue to exist), Containment division(The cost in maintaining containment), if the proposal was passed then the Protection, Research division and Research Team will join together to devise potential ways to terminate the anomaly.

Potential Rewrites
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Item #: RPC-XXX

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is currently located within Site-██ of the █th floor, and is to be contained in a closed square steel containment chamber that measures by measuring 6 x 6 meters in area, and 1.5 meters thick. Additionally, the containment chamber is to be fitted with a proper bathroom, medical facility(small clinic). RPC-XXX-1 is to be provided with food when awakened (may vary between 2-4 months). If any signs of sickness or injury are noted on RPC-X-1, are to be reported to Site Command immediately as this may trigger an earlier awakening then previously planned. The Authority has created a machine to recreate a coma state, for RPC-XXX-1, the comatose inducement machine is also a more potent and efficient way to treat RPC-XXX-1, as they need less time and less cost, as the coma-inducing machine acts as a kind of hibernation. The comatose inducement machine is effective against the entity called RPC-XXX-2, as both RPC-XXX-1 seems to have some bond that effects each other, making both RPC-XXX contained. The machine that is connected to RPC-XXX-1 is to be refilled with digestible processed food, water, and an incapacitating agent every two weeks. Maintenance is to happen on a weekly basis for any signs of malfunction, and the current status of RPC-XXX-1.

In the awakening, scheduled by The Authority, RPC-XXX-1 is to be awakened by a built-in alarm clock which sings "It's a Fine Day" from Jane with personnel having previously entered and provided her with one bowl of █████ cereal and a carton of orange juice only found in the midwestern united states. Hygiene and cleanliness of RPC-XXX's quarters and self Hygiene are to be managed by a checklist which she believes Dr. J█████ has given her. To prevent boredom and any chance of any hygiene related health problems, the checklist must be done by RPC-XXX-1 herself, the checklist might include:

  • Plate-Cleaning
  • Teeth-Washing
  • Toys in the Box
  • Bathing
  • Dust Cleaning

Between the Awakening phase and the Awake Phase, RPC-XXX-1 is to be supplied with toys, such as three dolls, a tea table, and chairs, besides other toys that Dr. J█████ brings. During the Awake period, RPC-XXX-1 is to retain her energy, sleeping in a cotton mattress with a feather pillow. This time may vary from two days to a week at maximum. During this period only Dr. J or personnel with level 3 clearance and above are allowed into RPC-x-1's containment chambers. It is not permitted to use any RPC related symbols, as this may trigger RPC-XXX-2 "Jhon". Inside the room, no physical contact is to be made, or any contact to RPC-XXX-1, as this may also trigger RPC-XXX-2, which is extremely protective, and will not hesitate in killing any suspicious approach.

Description: RPC-XXX-1 is a Caucasian 6-year-old female, with brown hair and green eyes. Her IQ is at an ordinary range for most 6-year-olds, and she typically has a preference for most feminine toys and objects. RPC-XXX-1 shares an unknown link to an entity, designated RPC-XXX-2, that she has named 'Jhon'. The significance of this name is currently unknown, and RPC-XXX-1 has not been willing to divulge any such information herself.

RPC-XXX-1 is an entity not perceivable by anyone higher than the age of 10. All subjects who view RPC-XXX-1 typically give the following descriptions:

  • Has 4 limbs, with 3 finger-like appendages housing needles
  • Is tall (approximately 4.5m), thin and darkly colored
  • Wears a hat described to be smiling
  • Scratched face
  • Two bifurcated foot
  • Wears a black-colored zipper cotton bodysuit (typically labeled a 'onesie')
  • A Devilish Tail

RPC-XXX-1 is being capable of moving at high speeds, being able to catch up to cars moving at ██km/ph in █ seconds with a █0m headstart. It is also capable of slowly regenerating damaged tissue over time. Observed rates show that minor injuries can take up to 50 minutes while significant injuries require almost 3 hours to fully recover. Whenever RPC-XXX-1 is perceived to be threatened by anything, RPC-XXX-1 will respond by attempting to attack with its needles. If successful, it will inject an unknown substance into its victims before resorting to tearing apart the subject of aggression. That said, it is capable of more precise attacks when overwhelming assaults do not succeed. RPC-XXX-2 cannot move further than 4 meters away from RPC-XXX-1 without RPC-XXX-1 becoming faint then potentially going unconscious. The use of tranquilizers on RPC-XXX-1 has been discussed, however finding a way to pass it by RPC-XXX-1 has yet to be discovered.

RPC-XXX-1 itself houses a third entity, at this moment designated RPC-XXX-1, within its hat. This entity has an unknown appearance. It's only known function is to force a human being to laugh uncontrollably across long distances. Walls do not impede this effect much, potentially meaning that it is propagated using an alternate method with the sound being the byproduct. This also hints that RPC-XXX-1 is incapable of locating the target beyond sight or sound, and is either forming a symbiotic bond with RPC-XXX-1 or produces it to assist in hunting.

Since Incident 09-27, RPC-XXX-1 was recognized new proper abilities, for example, it can allow people to see parts of his invisible/unrecognizable body. His eyes can produce light, that like the metal sound produced by its zipper, it cannot hide. RPC-XXX-1 appears to share information with RPC-XXX-2, as it was able to recognize Dr. J█████. RPC-XXX-1 is intelligent enough to open and close doors, but it has difficulty identifying human faces. It needs a total time of 3 seconds to fully recognize a face. RPC-XXX-1 can produce a paralyzing substance from its tail. RPC-XXX-1 is also able to choose not to kill, but paralyze, or stop a person by other means such as:

  1. Use a Paralyzing substance
  2. Render Unconscious
  3. Locking Doors
  4. Sticking to a Wall
  5. Tie-up


*Addendum Log 1: Interview with RPC-XXX-1

*Addendum Log 2: Recent Incident 09-27

*Addendum Log 3: Letter from RPC-XXX-1

*Addendum Log 4: End Results



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