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Document ID: Anomaly No.72
Codename: Horned Macaques
Type/Level: Entity / Beneficial
Authorship: Dr. Liang Kun [Name]
Date: Undecided
Location: 1017 Fauna Management Facility, Jiangsu Provinces

An Anomaly No.72 subject.


1. Physical Description

The designation is given to the paranatrual Primate species referred to as Macaca audientis. Subjects of Anomaly No.72 are consistent with animals of the Macaca genus both in terms of physical appearances and on a genetic level. The only noticeable abnormal trait that distinguishes adolescent Anomaly No.72 from the non-anomalous species is the 4 protruding structures on the sides of subjects' heads.

Other than the aforementioned biological deformity and a general weight increase of 30~50%, Anomaly No.72's substance requirement remains consistent for the rest of their development.

2. Anomalous Characteristics

Anomaly No.72 differs from the Consensus in 3 ways:

  1. Subjects' hearing has been increased disproportionally, granting them the ability to pick up audio across vast distances.
  2. Subjects' development is accelerated and extended compared to non-anomalous species of the same genus.
    1. This allows them to achieve near-human intellect and sapience.
    2. New stages for physiological growth also enable the larynx and bones to develop to the point where Anomaly No.72 can emulate human speeches and attain bipedal posture respectively.
    3. Note: Subjects don not reach full maturity until they have undergone a ritualistic transformation process known as 'Awakening' (See Attachment Jia)
  3. Subjects are thaumaturgically potent. Matured instances are able to perform and utilized anomalies to their benefit. These included the enhancement of physical attributes, the manipulation of elements, and innate esoteric knowledge.

3. History

The origin of Anomaly No.72 remains debated amongst the historical researchers of the Committee, though it is largely agreed that subjects have existed prior to the modern era. Further evidence of their interaction can be inferred from tales from rural villages, which speak of "a horde of monkeys led by the demon king". Due to their prevalence, it is likely that physical records exist that detail their encounters with prior institutions. These records are unfortunately lost following the Qing Imperialist's defeat in the Boxer Uprising, and the subsequent eradication of the Demon Hunters, then-current upholders of the Consensus World.

Anomaly No.72's encounter with the current government occurred during the Sino-Japanese War, where they are spotted by reconnaissance groups to launch raids against Japanese convoys and causing environmental hazards, diverting attention of the Imperial Forces towards them. Mistaken to be gestures of alliance, during a later encounter with Anomaly No.72 soldiers approached them only to be met with the same hostilities from subjects.

Following the defeat of Japanese forces, Anomaly No.72's aggression shifted onto the villages of the nation, once again straining the government as they did to the Japanese. Between 1950 and the day they were captured, the handling of Anomaly No.72 has always been the responsibility of the Committee, with the People's Liberation Army Special Directorate occupied with overseas combat duties and their subsequent decommission by the United Nations Anomalous Activities Committee. Throughout the period, Anomaly No.72 has always been speculated to have held a major stronghold near the coastal region but the exact location has never been found.

Anomaly No.72 is finally discovered following an interception of huge armed forces of the RPC Authority travelling towards Yuntai of the Jiangsu Provinces. The population of Anomaly No. 72 would soon be moved inland to the newly-constructed 1017 Fauna Management Facility. In addition to their discoveries, the decisive defeat of Authority saw the subsequent decline in Authority activities in China, ending the decades-long scourge of Authority meddling with national affairs.

Additional subjects of Anomaly No.72 out in the wild would be discovered occasionally and brought back to 1017 Fauna Management Facility to integrate with the local populace.




Document ID: YC-72-Security

Security Measures

The entirety of Anomaly No.72's population is currently placed within 1017 Fauna Management Facility's Habitat Zone and should not be removed from the premise without the explicit permission of [Person], as is the distribution of subjects to other Committee projects.

The 2nd Jiangsu Anomaly Guard Company has been assigned to guarding 1017 FM Facility and the entities contained within. Should the situation arise where the 2nd Jiangsu AGC is being overwhelmed by hostile forces, Mobile Formation forces will be deployed to repel attackers. Should that proved to not be enough, selected Anomaly No.72 subjects can be assigned to defend the facility.

Management and Upkeep

The sustenance requirements for Anomaly No.72 remain consistent with their non-anomalous counterpart and will be consisted primarily of fruits. Subjects will be submitted to examinations bimonthly to determine the condition of their health, should a subject become sick or be afflicted with aliments, they are to be immediately sent to the Medical Wing for further treatment.

The population of Anomaly No.72 is provided with materials and entertainment approved (See Document YC-72 Security Yi) by the YC-72 Management Staff. In the same vein, the 'Delivery of the Red Scripture' should be distributed to all subjects and a basic understanding of the story along with any pre-conceived notion of Anomaly No.72's culture should be maintained to boost morale within the community. Subjects are also encouraged to mate with each other to maintain population growth.

As a part of the Fu Xing Project, matured subjects of Anomaly No.72 will be submitted to the Project for evaluation for potential.


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Document ID: YC-72A-FXP

ATTACHMENT Yi: Fu Xing Project-YC-72

The following is a compilation of an Anomaly No.72 subject's development within 1017 FM Facility. Personnel is advised to familiarize themselves with the detailed situations in preparation for similar incidents when handling Anomaly No.72 subjects submitted to the Fu Xing Project.

Incident Report


Subject-583 and Subject-584 underwent the 'Awakening' process earlier than expected and is not isolated properly during the occurrence, this resulted in unforeseen alterations to the Habitat Zone, injuring 6 subjects in the process. The observing officer immediately sounded the alarm and alerted the 2nd Jiangsu Anomaly Guard Company, whom then immediately quarantined the converted zone. Subject-583 and Subject-584 completed their 'Awakening' 32 days after their initial conversion. Physical examinations of the two subjects post-retrieval determine their body have undergone restructuring without complication and are in good health.

Subject-584 is interviewed after recovery, recorded in below:

Interviewed: Anomaly No.72, Subject-584

Interviewee: Doctor Liang Kun

Subject-584: Doctor Liang! It's been long since I last saw you.

Dr. Liang: What can I say? Holding together a family of thousands is a big job for me.

Both laughs

Dr. Liang: Here's a better question: How are you doing, Ling Qi?

Subject-584: I'm fine, really, I'm just… (grunts) Getting used to my condition.

Dr. Liang: You've never been a good liar. You know, everyone's worried about you considering the how the procedure went down.

Subject-584: Everyone… That's right! Mom and Dad, are they alright?

Dr. Liang: They have recovered, yes. Like I said, they are more worried about you then themselves, so just ease up and tell me everything that happened.

Subject-584: It wasn't supposed to be like this, it's all different from how the elders said it would occur, our awakening.

Dr. Liang: As I was told you were having an argument with your brother, is that correct?

Subject-584: Ling Quan(Subject-583) and I was having differing opinions on the Red Scripture, that's all.

Dr. Liang: And?

Subject-584: Well… I supposed we pushed around for a just a bit, I was kind of angry, but that's it, that's when it happened.

Brief Pause

Subject-584: The ground below split apart, between us, and then around us. The shaking threw me off-balanced and… when I looked up the ground was closing in on me. And then I was swallowed whole.

Dr. Liang: And that's when you entered the "other state"?

Subject-584: I felt as if I was falling, but then yeah, everything went dark. It still took me like… a while? For me to grasp what was happening, it's different. I mean, it's just like how all the adults said it would be, that it would be very dark, but it's so much more than just darkness.

Dr. Liang: Tell me.

Subject-584: Cold, it felt cold, and I can't move easily, it's… suffocating, it's like everything bad that I've ever felt. I couldn't feel anything and my chest started to ache a bit. Hollow, I felt hollow, I think?

Dr. Liang: There's no need to rush it, take your time to think it through.

Subject-584: But I don't know how to explain. Maybe it's death? But I've never died before. I felt like there's nothing there at all, and I felt like I was about to become nothing too, and that's when I saw him.

Dr. Liang: Him.

Subject-584: Yes. He's everything opposite to the darkness, warmth, light, and I felt comfort when I saw him… it's him right? The Great Sage, He who is Heaven's equal, our King.

Dr. Liang: Your people seems to think of him so.

Subject-584: Right. I think I saw him saying something? I couldn't hear it, I tried, but that's when everything starts to shake again. Lights start to burst from the roof, next thing I know I was being pulled out from the ground by the soldiers.

Dr. Liang: Okay, everything checks out with prior accounts, that means you're good. Your brother gave pretty much the same response too, except for the cold part that is.

Subject-584: He's lying, he has to be. I can feel it, Quan's always acts tougher than he looks.

Dr. Liang: Everyone's awakening is slightly different from each other's, so who's to say he didn't not felt anything.

Subject-584: I'm not like, weak, am I?

Dr. Liang: What- No. No, you're brave, you're very brave, and you're about to be do greater things from now on.

Subject-584 look at himself

Subject-584: I'm different now. I look… more… like you and the soldiers now, doctor.

Dr. Liang: Yeah, that means you've completed your awakening.

Subject-584: Does that mean, me and Quan are going to be submitted to the program now? To finally be like the adults?

Dr. Liang: You'll still need time to recover and get used to your new form. But yeah, we'll put you through the assessment process afterwards for evaluation, you are gonna do so much for the State.

Researcher's remark: Other than the sudden triggering of the 'Awakening' as opposed to their usual self-burial process, the process continued as normal. I will say that this isn't the first time we've had situations like this, and base on the what we've gathered so far, I postulate that this might be tie to the emotional state of the subjects, which isn't really a variable we can control. We should be expecting and be prepared for incidents like this to occur in the future.

YC-72, 36th Batch Assessment


Subject: Subject-552, Subject-567, Subject-583, Subject-584

Personnel: Dr. Liang Kun, Dr. Hao Liuxian, Dr. Shao Jingyi, Affiliated Personnel Xiang Ruogang
Note: Xiang has been liaised by the Committee to evaluate the thaumaturgic potency of subjects.

As Anomaly No.72 subjects more often then not carry within them the ability to manipulate one of the four basic elements in addition to their thaumatrugy, it is imperative that we determine which of the elements that they have developed an affinity towards. The following test will be conducted to detect any subconscious alteration to the surroundings by subjects.


  1. Test Cyan: Subjects will be fitted with breathing apparatuses and monitor equipment, and submerged under water. Changes to current surrounding subjects should be detected should the subject be Cyan-Positive
  2. Test Crimson: Subjects will have their temperature measured and placed within the Test Chamber-2, the installed heater will then be activated to raise the temperature of the room. The temperature and internal temperature of the subject would not differ from should the subjects be Crimson-Positive.
  3. Test Pale: Subjects will be placed within the Test Chamber-3 individually, TC-3's internal pressure will be kept at 101,325 Pa initially and slowly decrease by 2000 Pa. Remeasured pressure should be higher than expected should subjects be Pale-Positive
  4. Test Russet: Subjects will be placed on a field of loose sand. Soil strength would be preserved and subjects will not sink to the bottom should they be Russet-Positive
  5. Test Violet: Subjects will be assessed by the liaised Thaumaturgist. Testing include identification of scriptures, symbols and other examination in-regards to esoteric fields of science.
  6. Test Lime: Subjects will complete various physical examinations. Following that, they will be returned to the Medical Wing for rest and recovery and sent back to the Habitat Zone.
Subject Result
552 Cyan-Positive. Physical examination determines subject's condition to be similar to that of an athletic human. Thaumatrugist assessment grades the subject to be average in potential.
567 Russet-Positive. Physical examination determines subject's condition to be similar to that of an athletic human. Thaumatrugist assessment grades the subject to be excellent in potential, and remarked on the subject's ability to understand rites.
583 Crimson and Russet-Positive. Physical examination determines subject's condition to be greater than that of an athletic human, and is deemed the strongest of the 36th Batch. Thaumatrugist assessment grades the subject to be average in potential.
584 Cyan and Pale-Positive. Physical examination determines subject's condition to be similar to that of a baseline human, while healthy, subjects remains the weakest of the 36th Batch. Thaumatrugist assessment of the subject remains inconclusive, noting that while not being able to discern patterns concerning the subject, he is able to "detect changes within the child". Additionally, during Test-Russet, subject entered into a state of panic, causing sudden triggering of aerokinetic abilities. Subject is currently under monitoring within the Medical Wing, and has been scheduled for psychiatric counselling.

Researcher's remark: The 36th Batch proved to be an exciting development for the Fu Xing Project. While they are in no way the best or largest Batch we've gotten. The procurement of 2 subjects in a row, with more than one positive match is a note worth celebrating over. Interview with Subject-584 indicates the incident to be a the combination of acute stress and relapse into memories of being buried alive during his "awakening", I recommend that subject not to be exposed to intensive duty until affirmation of recovery.

Subject-584 Report

##th Month, Year

Dr. Liang Kun:

This letter is sent to you in regards to the progress of Subject-584 as a part of the Fu Xing Project.

As it currently stands, the subject's current progress is not up to projected expectations. His confirmed abilities should have given him one of the greatest control over particles compared to most within our care. It is true that he managed to achieve flight in relatively quick pace, his inability to controlled his propulsion and the general stress placed upon him makes the planned role for aerial reconnaissance unviable. The lackluster performance along with his own weakness in combat capabilities, it will be soon before he can no longer catch up with his peers.

Instructor Fan Wei,

Profile Report


The following was recorded as a part of the ongoing development on subject's health

Interviewed: Anomaly No.72, Subject-584

Interviewee: Doctor Liang Kun

On-duty Guard: Director Liang Kun.

Dr. Liang: I'll need to see Subject-584.

On-duty Guard: He's over there.

Dr. Liang: Thank you.

Dr. Liang walks towards Subject-584. A water canister can be seen next to the subject. Subject hunched over in exhaustion.

Subject-584: Ah… Doctor.

Dr. Liang: At ease, I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere.

Subject-584: What do I do to earn your visitation?

Dr. Liang: Well…

Brief Pause

Subject-584: …Right. I'm slowing everyone down.

Dr. Liang: That's a blunt way to put it.

Subject-584: I am sorry, I'm just-

Dr. Liang: Hey. Stop.

Dr. Liang: How about this, show me what you've achieve as of now.

Subject-584: But I-

Dr. Liang: Show me. Just try your best, alright?

Subject Pause

Subject-584: Okay…

Subject pauses again, slowly steadying his breathe. Subject-584 holds his hands out and concentrates. A current of air beings to circulate in front of him, partially indicated by dust particles gather and swirling around the point. Amounts of water beings to flow out from the canister next to the subject and into a concentrated sphere in front of him, where water vapor becomes visible. A cloud-like aerosol is formed with water visible within it.

Dr. Liang: Wow…

The water within the aerosol begins to condense, forming a near-solid platform. Subject-584 approaches the aerosol and steps onto it. The aerosol begins to rise upwards, lifting the subject. The aerosol beings to accelerate forward at [??]. Subject-584 lets out a growl, at which point the aerosol quickly dissipates and the water drops down. Subject hits the ground.

Subject-584: Ugh. Damnit.

Dr. Liang approaches and lifts up the subject.

Dr. Liang: It's a rare that I see someone able to emulate this, that's amazing of you.

Subject-584: The Cloud was easy but I couldn't keep it up. I don't know what to do. The Scripture made it sound so simple but I.

Dr. Liang: No one told you to follow the book.

Subject-584: But that's what the Scripture say-

Dr. Liang: Okay, stop. Right there. The Journey to the West-

Subject-584: What?

Dr. Liang: I mean…

Subject-584: No, Doctor what is the Journey to the West?

Dr. Liang: A nickname we have for the Scripture, but that's besides the point. Listen.

Dr. Liang: You, are you.

Subject-584: I know.

Dr. Liang: And you are not the King.

Subject-584: I… of course.

Dr. Liang: And you don't have to live under the shadow of the King. The age of the King is long past. That, story, account, it happened a long time ago.


Dr. Liang:


Dr. Liang:


Dr. Liang:


Dr. Liang:

Researcher's remark: Other than the sudden triggering of the 'Awakening' as opposed to their usual self-burial process, the process continued as normal. I will say that this isn't the first time we've had situations like this, and base on the what we've gathered so far, I postulate that this might be tie to the emotional state of the subjects, which isn't really a variable we can control. We should be expecting and be prepared for incidents like this to occur in the future.


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