Union Hub

Since the dawn of time, there have always been those that sought to control everyone else. Hiding the truth from the world, such people attempt to rob us of our freedom of choice. However, there are always those who resist. We are that resistance; operating as a network of individuals, we seek to expose the hidden truth to the world, and defend the common man from those who seek to suppress us.

Our goal? Liberty. We shall free the world from the grip of the Authority, tearing the veil of "normalcy" and establishing a new era where the occult and humanity co-exist side by side.

What We Do

We protect the rights of humanity to know of the supernatural. We guard those who have been gifted with occult talents or items. We know that "occult" is not inherently evil, nor should it be hidden under a bushel. We spread word of the paranormal through letters, newspapers, books, and various other means of sharing information, publicizing information in large doses faster than our enemies can censor it. We prepare traps and ambushes for our enemies when they attempt to oppress those under our protection.

We studiously research the world of the supernatural, practicing so-called "forbidden" arts such as hermeticism1. We strive to unlock the secrets of nature, rather than hiding behind a wall of materialism as our enemies do. We use various rituals and divinations to defend ourselves, and to lay siege to the enemy2.

We share our discoveries with one another through a sophisticated information network that, for security reasons, cannot be described on such an unsecure medium. We spread out amongst the populous, hiding in plain sight amongst the common man. When we do gather in communities or events, we employ various mundane and supernatural defenses to ensure our safety. In addition to information, we also employ an "underground railroad" of sorts, harboring those who seek sanctuary, and leading them to a safe place.

Alas, we must admit that not all aspects of the supernatural world are divine. There are an abundance of demons, witches, and unholy abominations of nature that we must face. Not to mention the wicked organizations and individuals who bastardize God's beautiful creation. For them, we lash out with force, tearing down their strongholds, breaking the chains of their prisoners, and laying waste to their cruel inventions.

Our Works

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