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Since the dawn of humanity, we have tried to make sense of the world around us. Folklore and religion eventually gave way to philosophy and science. However, science has its limits; it is strictly materialistic, eliminating the ability to explain the immaterial. As such, there are a great many things out there that modern science is unable to explain; things that seem to contradict the current scientific understanding of the universe.

That's where we come in. Unlike the oppressive Authority, we do not dismiss these phenomenon as "anomalies" that are mere exceptions to the established rules. Rather, we believe that it is the established materialistic view of the universe that is wrong. Our goal is to reveal these supernatural phenomenon and establish a new, complete understanding of our universe.

What We Do

We studiously research the world of the supernatural, practicing so-called "forbidden" arts such as hermeticism1. We strive to unlock the secrets of supernature, rather than hiding behind a wall of materialism as our enemies do. We study supernatural creatures and fantastical artifacts, seeking a connection.

Of course, in order to find a connection between different phenomenon, we must share our discoveries with one another. We achieve this through a sophisticated information network of letters, codes, and ciphers.

We protect the rights of humanity to know of the supernatural. We guard those who have been gifted with occult talents or items, harboring those who seek sanctuary, and leading them to a safe place. We know that "occult" is not inherently evil, nor should it be hidden under a bushel. We spread word of the paranormal through letters, newspapers, books, and various other means of sharing information, publicizing information in large doses faster than our enemies can censor it.

Alas, we must admit that not all aspects of the supernatural world are divine. There are an abundance of demons, witches, and unholy abominations of nature that we must face. Not to mention the wicked organizations and individuals who bastardize God's beautiful creation. For them, we lash out with force, tearing down their strongholds, breaking the chains of their prisoners, and laying waste to their cruel inventions.

Our Story

The Enlightenment

There have always been small pockets of resistance; who spread information of the hidden world. However, we were scattered; disorganized. Hunted down like rabbits, we sought refuge in the New World.

The Great Awaking

Despite our pilgrimage to America, the Catholics and their Auctorititas Imperitus still lorded over us for another century. This all changed in the 1730s, when revivals swept the 13 colonies, opening the eyes of hundreds, if not thousands, of American citizens, revealing the lies of the Church of England! Emboldened by this renewing of the spirit, Jonathan Edwards, an influential man of God, rallied us together. Quickly growing in size and strength, we struck out against the Great Whore's servants in 1765. Through our united efforts, we had overthrown the serpents, and by 1783 we had completely eradicated their forces from our land.

The Second Great Awakening

Heeding the warnings of Benjamin Franklin, we set up safeguards in our newly established government, specifically designed to keep the Catholic Church from rising to power once again! No longer under the oppressive thumb of the serpents, and enlightened by records taken from the defeated snakes, we began a new age of knowledge, our flames rekindled anew; relearning the forbidden knowledge kept from us for so long. However, we were not the only ones undergoing changes. The serpents across the sea, furious from their defeat, broke apart from the Vatican, restructuring themselves and changing their name to the Authority, like a wolf donning the hide of a lamb.

In 1850, they arrived in great numbers, attempting to deceive us with their new image. But we were not fooled, and stood our ground against them, forcing them underground. But, like the snakes they are, they continued to grow in number despite us suppressing their presence. And they had gained new tricks, such as venom that could erase memories.

The Third Great Awakening

By the end of the 19th century, the serpents were slowly but surely gaining ground in the US. In order to ensure our organization would continue to thrive despite their ever-increasing presence, we began researching methods of gaining the gifts bestowed to the Apostles in the book of Acts, under the leadership of C. F. Parham. In our search, we received news of a great spiritual awakening in Wales2. Therefore, W. J. Seymour3 organized a large revival of charismatic worship, establishing a modern Pentecost that came to be known as the Azusa Street Revival. For nine years we were able to keep up the revival despite the Authority's efforts. By the time our forces succumbed to their relentless attacks, we had already established hundreds of new churches throughout the US, and filled thousands with the Holy Spirit.

The kidnapping of Fabriana by Eden's Forest and her subsequent sacrifice for their pagan ritual led to us declaring war on cults, resulting in what came to be known as the Satanic Panic of the 1980s. In 1990, the Authority intervened on account of all the demons being released by the cultists in a desperate defense against us, and an end to hostilities between us and the Cultists was signed into existence in 2003 to prevent further civilian casualties.

Global Missions

Having boosted our power and secured our presence in America, we began to boldly set out across the world, taking the fight to the enemy's home while the bulk of their forces were in ours. Despite facing heavy resistance, we have established a strong missionary presence in Europe, Africa, and South America, and have begun to spread our presence to Asia and Australia.

Our Works

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