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Marshall, Carter and Darke, LTD
Initial Report
Author Ruprecht Carter Date August 22, 1988
Interest High Identifier Kaiju Caviar
My my my my my. This Aquamorph, or whatever the proper term for it is now, has certainly proven to be an unprecedented windfall. And to think that those now impoverished pixies were so desperate they sold us the beast for barely 5 pence a pound!

As much as it delights me to see so many eager customers frantically forking over small fortunes for a handful of a festering carcass, I'm also pleased to announce that we've found a far more refined use for this creature that will appeal to our core clientele.

I'm sure you're all well aware of my love of caviar, so when I heard the Aquamorph was female I couldn't help but wonder about the nature of its eggs. I had our team slice open its ovaries and my hunch proved correct; they were filled with ripe roe, millions of eggs the size of apples, shining like pearls as green as the sea!

None of them had been fertilized, thank goodness, though that is perhaps not surprising. If you looked like that creature you'd have a hard time getting a date too. I had the lab run some tests to make sure they were safe for human consumption, then trusted them to Penny Price, our Chef du cuisine.

She did not disappoint.

These abominations are, without a doubt, the most delicious caviar I have ever eaten. They're even better than that Glittering Salmon we serve. Right now the only problem is one of overabundance. I've had a small portion of the eggs cryopreserved for research purposes, but of course, freezing caviar ruins the texture so that's not an option for the rest of them. I've had them pasteurized and vacuum sealed, so they might last 15 months, but selling so many in such a short time would flood the market (though not as flooded as Hy-Brasil was).

Our most urgent concern is finding a way, anomalous or otherwise, to preserve these eggs indefinitely. If we could do that, our supply could easily see us through to the end of the next century.

Here's to egg on our face.

~ Regards, Ruprecht Carter
File Opened Under: OCN39/T5FG6/7HJL2
Marshall, Carter and Darke,LTD


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