Horvath Bazaar


Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Beta-Yellow


Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is to be followed by a group consisting of four (4) MST Zulu-12, "Caravan" personnel, as well as two (2) researchers and three (3) two (2) D-class personnel at all times. Under no circumstances are any civilian persons allowed to purchase items from RPC-XXX.

Description: RPC-XXX is a traditional Romani vardo capable of movement without the assistance of an outside force. RPC-XXX consists of a wooden 4m x 2m x 2m cabin suspended on an iron chassis. RPC-XXX has one window, obscured by curtains. RPC-XXX's interior is pitch-black, and possesses the anomalous ability to absorb all light that enters it, although personnel have reported a figure inside RPC-XXX when making a purchase. Above the window is a sign that reads "Horvath Bazaar."

If a subject requests any material good in front of the window, it will be produced from behind the curtains, along with a note demanding a price.

Addendum: Tests on RPC-XXX

Test #1:
Subject: Senior Researcher Jared █████
Request: "I'll have a bowl of ice cream, please."
Result: One bowl of non-anomalous vanilla ice cream was produced. The price of $3.65 was paid without incident.

Test #2:
Subject: Researcher Green
Request: "Could you give me a pair of Timberlands?"
Result: One pair of classic Timberland hiking boots were produced. The price was $50, paid without incident.

Test #3:
Subject: D-6███
Request: "Give me a hundred bucks!"
Result: Approximately 3 liters of viscera is spewed from the window, followed by a note reading "Be careful what you wish for. $100." Analysis of the viscera shows that it is composed of the biomass of one hundred individuals of the Cervidae family.

"I swear I heard laughter as all that shit spewed out of the window. There's got to be someone in there."
-Senior Researcher Jared █████

Test #4:
Subject: D-1███
Request: "Give me everything I need to escape."
Result: RPC-XXX produced Kevlar armor and a loaded assault rifle. The price was $17,000. D-1███ equipped the combat armor and opened fire on the researchers without paying. After the first shot was fired, a harpoon was ejected from RPC-XXX's window, penetrating D-1███'s leg and dragging him into the window.

Test #5:
Subject: D-7███
Request: "Surprise me."
Result: The curtains opened, revealing a pale object that alarmed D-7███, causing her to recoil and run towards the on-site staff. No price was made.

"It's an old lady in there! Like, a hobo! All smelly, bony, and diseased!"

Test #6:
Subject: D-6███
Request: "How about a basketball?"
Result: One basketball was produced. Price was $20, paid without incident.

"I saw through those curtains. I don't know what [D-7███] is talking about. She's just a young lady in there, not a hobo or a dead person."

Incident Report XXX-1
A forest-fire broke out along RPC-XXX's path, causing the containment team to lose track of he anomaly. After the fire subsided, the corpse of D-7███ was discovered beneath RPC-XXX's wheel. Testing on RPC-XXX has been suspended indefinitely.


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