The Crystal That Grows





Registered Phenomena Code:RPC XXX

Object Class:Beta-Purple

Hazards: Radiation Hazard, Contact hazard, Geological Hazard, Transmutation Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC XXX Must be always be lighted by 1000 Watt Self Sustaining lights producing Wavelength's from 1000 nm to 1 cm length to slow and eventually stop the growth of the crystal.

No Personnel Is allowed to get in contact with RPC XXX. If contacted, affected area must be removed by Using 30 Watt CO2 Lasers With In 2 hours. Even If The Process was successful, the affected lifeform Has %70 Chance of suffering from; mild Headaches and Nausea For 12 hours, 15% severe headaches and nausea %10 chance of schizophrenia and Insanity %5 Total Brain Death.

If 2 hours have been passed over from the first contact with RPC XXX, the removal process will result in the death of the affected life form. After 2 hours affected Non-non-intelligent lifeforms must be terminated. Intelligent Lifeforms Although don't possess a threat will require Emitted Radiation Of RPC XXX To Stay Alive.
RPC XXX 1-C's Can Choose To live with the other RPC XXX effected lifeforms Or In a Containment Cell. If Termination request was made; Request must not be turned back.

Description: RPC XXX Is a blue-purple Crystal Created by the Ukranian Government To Clean Up Radioactive Materials in Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.
When The Crystal contacts a wavelength of 0.0001 nm to 700 nm
Crystal will start to grow in any kind of surface.
Most growth has been observed with gamma radiation but visible light is still enough to grow the crystal. RPC XXX Will Suck ground minerals and resources to replicate itself.

It's known that RPC XXX can Infect Living Organisms like plant life and animals (Including Humans) Infected lifeforms will slowly become "Living Crystals". It's observed that Crystal Uses Plants to replicate itself. Plants become Crystalised and release little crystal particles to spread further. Animals mutate to half crystal, half organic pawns for the crystal.

Different families result in different mutations. Aerial families show growth of crystals around the neck and in the claws. Aerial Infected is referred to as "Bombers" for the reason of using Crystals to "bomb" unaffected areas. Serpent families grow crystals in the skull and the tail part of their bodies. Serpent Infected is referred to as "Stingers" for using their tails to "sting" uninfected lifeforms. Mammals are deemed as the most dangerous type of Infected. They grow crystals mostly every part in their body making them protected against handguns and lower calibres from 7.62×51mm NATO. Infected lifeforms will start to shatter in wavelengths from 700 nm to 1 cm.

Sapient lifeforms are observed to Keep control of their Body And Remain Conscious. All lifeforms effected by RPC XXX Will require Emitted Radiation From the crystal To stay alive. If The Emitted Radiation Is absent from RPC XXX-1A, RPC XXX-1B and RPC XXX-C For 5 minutes, bodily functions seise and lifeform is considered deceased.

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