Chaos Theory Component Y: The Thing That Should Not Be





Registered Phenomena Code: YYY

Object Class: Beta-Orange

Hazards: h-sapient.png Sapient Hazard h-sensory.png Sensory Hazardh-ideological.png Ideological Hazard Destabilization.png Destabilization Hazard

Containment Protocols: Prior to each working shift, all Authority personnel assigned to Site-015's Hard Containment wing must be administered one full oral dose of RPC-925. Additionally, emergency single-dose 925 inhalers are to be adequately supplied to all on-site ASF ready rooms.

RPC-YYY is contained within Site-015's Gamma-class Hard Containment facility, housed in a standard humanoid containment cell including the following modifications: the removal of the cell's two-way observation mirror; the addition of atmospherically isolated reversible ceiling mounted ventilation assemblies; two wall-mounted digital motion sensors and CCTV cameras; one immobile steel gurney secured to the floor, with an attached and reinforced enclosure-type restraint; and a standard security door modified to include a keypad-locked sliding window for direct observation.

An opaque full-face mask must be remain over RPC-YYY's head at all times to prevent the manifestation of observation-onset cognitive effects. RPC-YYY is to be secured to the enclosed bed via restraint straps for the wrists, ankles, and neck. All medical equipment required for the monitoring and containment of RPC-YYY has been consolidated into one SAMU1 including EKG and respiratory monitors, devices to facilitate automatic intravenous sedative application, and one ultrasound imaging machine. On-board alarms will alert on-site medical staff to any deviations from baseline readings. RPC-YYY must be attended daily by medical staff to remove biological excretions.

Should the intravenous sedatives fail resulting in heightened activity from RPC-YYY, GAC-62 is to be dispersed into its containment cell via the installed ventilation systems to ensure complete pacification before medical staff may be allowed to re-establish baseline containment following an atmospheric purge.

[Interviews with RPC-YYY have been suspended indefinitely. The necessity of sedation, isolation, and comprehensive restraints can be ascertained from Incident-Log-YYY-2.] - Needs work.

Description: RPC-YYY, formerly Dr. █████, is a humanoid entity standing at 2.1 meters with many notable mutative deformities.

RPC-YYY's skin is black in color, bearing the texture and appearance of cracked leather. Deep fissures run through various points on RPC-YYY's body, periodically discharging puss and other biological waste indicative of a human immune responses. Most of RPC-YYY's body is covered by dark beige cloth trimmed with navy blue fabric that has been fused with the underlying tissue, believed to have been formed from Dr. █████'s clothing during Incident-XXX-1, and vaguely resembling a tunic typical of ancient Egyptian nobility. RPC-YYY's arms and legs are relatively unchanged, excluding the aforementioned skin mutations and the replacement of finger and toenails with thick claw-like protrusions composed of black bone.

RPC-YYY's head diverges significantly from typical human skull polymorphism, including an expanded parietal bone and greatly elongated lower mandible resembling an artificial plaited beard, mimicking those traditionally worn by Egyptian pharaohs. RPC-YYY's face consists of extensively wrinkled and cracked facial tissue, causing RPC-YYY's mouth to be drawn into an apparent grin. Both the teeth and tissues present inside of RPC-YYY's mouth bear the same black coloration as its exterior flesh, and RPC-YYY's nose appears to be damaged and rotted away to expose the black bone and dry cartilage underneath.

Additionally, RPC-YYY does not have eyes. RPC-YYY's ocular cavities are completely empty and appear to be anomalous in nature, with no discernible physical backing of bone or tissue. No light that enters beyond the typical corneal surface (relative to intact human proportions) is reflected.

Despite the apparent desiccated state of RPC-YYY, it is internally intact and retains many functioning human organs, such as: a full cardiovascular system; a stomach and partial digestive tract; and an intact central nervous system. RPC-YYY requires minimal (intravenously supplied) nutrients to maintain itself, likely owing exclusively
to the surviving organic systems of Dr. █████.

Anomalous Properties: RPC-YYY is sapient, and poses a significant danger to present or proximal individuals when lucid. While conscious, RPC-YYY is capable of projecting auditory and visual hallucinations targeting singular or multiple human subjects, causing cognitive effects ranging from mild panic attacks and hallucinations to continuous cognitive, ideological, and ontological deterioration. Onset of these symptoms can be caused by visual or auditory contact as well as proximity to RPC-YYY itself. RPC-YYY is also capable of limited telepathic projection including intrusive suggestive manipulation, prescience, and memory-alteration; however these effects have so far only been observed to occur after a subject has looked directly into RPC-YYY's ocular cavities.

The inhalant form of RPC-925 has shown promise in the elimination of effects stemming from short-term exposure. Further, the placement of RPC-YYY into a medically induced coma is effective as a means of preventing manifestation of all aforementioned symptoms, with the exception of those derived from direct visual contact with RPC-YYY's ocular cavities.

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