Ride The Lightning



Registered Phenomena Code: XXXX

Object Class: Alpha-Yellow


Hazards: Electric Hazard, Explosive Hazard, radiation hazard

Containment Protocols: Instances of RPC-XXX are to be ensured as fully discharged prior to storage in a standard containment unit. Instances of RPC-XXX may be requisitioned for use in high energy experiments by submitting the proper requisition forms alongside a detailed summary of the experiment's purpose and the necessity of requisitioning this item. Under no circumstances is this device to be discharged outside of a thoroughly electrically insulated vacuum chamber. Items that RPC-XXX is discharged into must be engineered to be capable of safely dispersing or using the amount of energy discharged.

Description: RPC-XXX are 100 seemingly standard and unmodified Tazers. Due to unknown processes examples of RPC-XXX are capable of violating the laws of thermodynamics. They are capable of discharging an exponentially larger amount of energy than could possibly be contained within the battery of a non-anomalous counterpart. This amount of energy far exceeds the amount input into the device by charging. When triggered RPC-XXX will release approximately 5 gigajoules of electrical energy into the immediate environment. This event converts the surrounding atmosphere into a rapidly expanding plasma with a temperature of approximately 790,120 K (158 times that of the sun). The core of this plasma detonation will undergo fusion for a brief instant releasing a burst of gamma and neutron radiation. This plasma cloud will rapidly disperse into the atmosphere leaving a large crater and incinerate, immolate, or vitrify surrounding materials through radiant heat. The over-pressure wave generated by this event will equate to the energy released when detonating 1.05 tons of TNT. Discharge within the confines of a building or underground facility will vastly amplify the effects of the over-pressure generated. Instances of RPC-XXX will remain undamaged by this event and may be recovered once the surrounding crater has radiated enough residual heat to be safely approached. Instances of RPC-XXX may not be discharged within the atmosphere pending incident 537.

Addendum.1: Discovery Log Following reports of a large explosion with survivors exhibiting symptoms of radiation poisoning in [REDACTED] Nevada Authority agents were dispatched. A single instance of RPC-XXX was discovered partially embedded in the center of a vitrified crater. It was determined that a Police Officer, unaware of the anomalous properties of RPC-XXX had attempted to utilize the device against a drunk driver whom had become belligerent after being pulled over in a traffic stop. The authority tracked the device's serial number and purchased the entire production lot. Out of 2,500 devices 99 were found to exhibit anomalous properties. Employees at the production facility could not identify any discrepancies or anomalies in the manufacturing process that could possibly give these items any unusual qualities. Agents posing as federal investigators released the cover story that the drunk driver was a lone-wolf terrorist and that the police officer's taser had triggered an explosive device worn on the man's person at the time.

Addendum.2: Additional recovery log On [Date Redacted] various AEP assets attacked an Authority convey carrying RPC-929 to Site-002, using weapons that functioned in a similar manner to RPC-XXX. However, said weapons were branded with branding consistent with the Nazi-socialist party. The significance of this is unknown.


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