Vizlox's Sandbox

John Demasio just finished a golf game with a friend. Demasio offers to buy his friend a drink. His friend says that Demasio buys him too many drinks, and that he will buy this time. Demasio says to get him the most expensive drink on the menu. Demasio goes to sit down at a table and gets a phone call.

He gets a call telling him that Departure Science stock is plummeting. Departure Science’s owner retired and replaced himself with someone terrible who doesn’t listen to his advisors. He is advised to look elsewhere and find something new to invest in on the ground floor.

Demasio refuses, saying that Departure Science will turn around in a few days after the CEO gets his act together. He says that investing in something on the ground up is too risky. The other guy responds with “listen man, if you stay with this company, you will lose everything. I know who you are. You always land on your feet. Don’t lose that streak now.” and hangs up the phone.

Demasio thinks for a bit before calling the person back. He asks how much the stock has dropped and the response is “You’re broke, pal”. Demasio finishes the call and looks in a newspaper. He reads about a cult that had strange and mysterious items, including a flute that caused people to hallucinate. Demasio goes to the cult with a concealed gun, thinking to himself it is for self defense. They try to intimidate him and Demasio thinks about running away, but he decides not to. He says that he only wants to make a deal. One of the cult members tries to attack Demasio but he pulls out his gun and shoots the cultist. A fight ensues and he kills all of them in the end with several large cuts. Demasio put as many items as he could fit into his car before driving away. He drives out into the country where he could examine the items on his own.

Demasio drives off the road into a large empty field. He finds a large patch of dry dirt and lays all the items out. He looks at his leg and sees that it is bleeding a lot. He takes off his shirt and wraps it around his leg to stop the bleeding. Looking at the items, it is all weapons except for one amulet. He examines the amulet. It is a purple amulet with the scorpio zodiac sign carved into it. The amulet emits a soft purple glow. He puts it around his neck. He tries to break one of the weapons against the ground but nothing happens. He goes back to his car with it, puts it under the wheel and drives over it. The weapon is completely undamaged. He puts all of the weapons in his car and gets in the front. He goes to check his wounds and they are completely healed. He takes off the amulet and looks at it for a few seconds before putting it in his pocket. He drives back onto the road and continues.

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