Wehrwolf Bataillon

Registered Phenomena Code: 501

Object Class: Alpha Orange


Containment Protocols: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]

Description: RPC-501 is a cuboid chest made out of concetrated plastic molded and painted to resemble the look and texture of human bones, additional ebony wood is present to help with the structure of RPC-501. Monitoring Staff have reported a hard to describe "suspicious" smell coming from RPC-501 with the closest estimates being vanilla extract and burned human skin. Finally, an anomalous sentient skull with the voice an Australian male appearing to be in an age close to 20 years (dubbed RPC-501-1). RPC-501-1 has light bulbs in its eye sockets producing a constant blue light.

When approached RPC-501-1 will attempt to make conversation and convince the approacher to insert any form of currency inside its "mouth". Currently RPC-501 has been confirmed to accept the folllowing currencies: US Dolllars, Euros, Greek Drachmae, Goat Blood, Human Blood, Mexican Pesos,Yugoslav dinars, Zimbabwe Dollars, Salt Cubes, Pure Gold and Human fingers. Following that transaction the chest will open revealing a glowing golden dimension on the inside as well as a random item rising from the glow before stopping and remaining in mid air untill any form of interaction. Attempts to explore this golden dimension have resulted in the loss of 3 Authority Personnel who are still missing.

Items spawned by RPC-501 vary in quality as well as anomalous abilities and have been put in three categories : Genuine, Bootleg and Anomalous. Combinations of the three exist as well. Regardless of the quality or anomalous properties, RPC-501-1 will describe the items after transaction with the following epithets "Common","Rare","Epic","Legendary" and "Godlike". Subjects report feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment after transaction and possesion of the spawned items. Additionaly , RPC-501 has been confirmed to avoid spawning items which would be harmful to it's physical existence both by subsequent experiments and interviews with RPC-501-1.

Addendum-1: RPC-501 has been confirmed to not accept common pebles as currency as RPC-501-1 proceeded to "spit" them out after a D-Class Personall dumped a teaspoon of them in its "mouth".

Addendum-2: RPC-501 has been confirmed to follow vocal instructions before spawning an item tohave characteristics of the request given by the individual who made the transaction, although the chance of the item being Genuine, Bootleg or Anomalous is still random.

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