Wehrwolf Bataillon

Registered Phenomena Code: 501

Object Class: Alpha Orange


Containment Protocols: RPC 501 is currently being

Description: RPC-501-A is a cuboid chest made out of an unknown substance measuring at 50x50x20 centimeters. It's relatively light and easy to carry, weighing abou the same as a large cardboard delivery box1. It's outer layer is a very light and clean shade of white resistant to staining, regardless of what it comes in contact with.

Inside of the box is a glowy and warm red colored void (dubbed RPC-501-B by the monitoring staff) which is both the sole entrance and exit inside that particular dimension. Subjects have reported a sense of desire upon coming in visual contact with RPC-501-B characterized by a feeling of having circumstances align with their interests and a high chance of getting high value items from RPC-501-B. This kind of behaviour manifests itself by a disposal of numerous currencies and personal belongings in the hope of "winning".

In the worst of situations, subjects have been diagnosed with syptoms of heightened addiction and are usually forcefully made to vacate the premises. Additionally, subjects at high levels of addictions have reported auditory illusions which they refer to as RPC-501-B attempting to telepathically "communicate", description varies considerably depending on the subjects, with it's traits ranging from feminine and submissive to masculine and dominant.

Furthermore, subjects also report to experience a form of autonomous sensory meridian response to the voice, which has consistently been reported to use several techniques of manipulation in order for RPC-501-B to get more items including compliments on the subject's appearance, performance of various auditory requests and even trying to convince that it wants to be in a relationship with them.

RPC-501 will remain inanimate and static untill RPC-501-A is opened and any amount of currency or object is disposed inside RPC-501-B (note the required volume or weight for RPC-501-B to be "satisfied" is still under the experimentation period). After a short delay of precisely 4 seconds, a random object, creature, substance or even anomaly will spawn out of RPC-501-2, usually by forced expulsion of the item from the box and landing on the nearest surface.

The quality, usefulness , endurance and even potential sentience of the objects ejected by RPC-501-2 is random and impossible to calculate, as there have been instances of continuous spawning of high quality items and vice versa. However in all current ongoing and past experiments, nothing produced by RPC-501-B has managed to damage RPC-501-A.

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