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Item #: RPC-321


Mugshot of RPC-321 shortly after recovery.

Object Class: Beta

Containment Protocols: RPC-321 is to be kept in a Type-2 Humanoid containment cell, which should contain a bed, a toilet (with added toilet paper) and a 30 inch TV along with Blu Ray player and selected movies by the Authority. RPC-321 is to be monitored at all times and any action that would lead the monitoring crew to suspect an act of masturbation should be met with physical punishment including but not limited to: beating with a batton , forced cold showers and waterboarding.

Should RPC-321 request to see any form of video, it should be proved by a Level-3 officer and his viewing sessions should be accompanied by a monitoring staff. RPC-321 is to have his hands bound by cuffs during the viewing sessions.

Description: RPC-321 is a 41 year old human male of Canadian backround with brown hair, blue eyes and weights 99.8 kilograms and is 1.78 in height. RPC-321 posseses no anomalous properties except for the ability to expunge any form of video that he masturbates to. Eye contact is critical since the subject must have visual contact with the video during ejaculation. Currently, RPC-321's anomalous ability doesn't work on images, photographs or sound recordings.

Subject has been known to pretty social with the monitoring crew despite his relatively closed social personality, known to engage in conversations with them on many subjects including philosophy, pop culture and filmography. RPC-321 has shown subjects of depression during psychiatric evaluations.

RPC-231 has said in several interviews that his anomalous ability was first surfaced to him after a breakup with one of his close individuals, he recalls masturbating to a pornographic video as a form of therapy, then shocked when the video vanished in front of him and the internet after ejaculation, since then he has abstained from viewing pornography. However, he reluctantly agreed to take part in the Authority's Hansen Project for the eradication of child pornography. (See Addendum 01)

RPC-321 has been shown to be resistant to both videos with memetic and anti-memetic capabilities although he reports dizzyness after prolonged exposure. He has also confirmely expunged about 3 videos of that nature as of [DATA EXPUNGED].

RPC-321 has not shown any kind of wish to cause a containment breach, despite his disaproval of the Authority's way of action, he understands its purpose and is willing to comply by the rules and wishes of the staff. Furthermore. he considers life in the Authority better than his previous one in terms of comfort, although that might have been a hyberbolic joke.

Addendum 01 : Personal log of Dr.██████ after the sucess of the Orion-1 experiment: Sucess! We have managed to expunge over 20 videos of pornographc nature feauturing adolescends, RPC-321 has been a tremendous find for the foundation. However, his mental state appears to be in a bit of a distress, I will make sure he gets issued with Class-B amnestics, to mellow a bit of his pain, so to speak. We have a long road ahead and I won't rest untill every dangerous video is wiped off the face of the earth.

Interviewed: [RPC-321]

Interviewer: [Dr.██████]

Foreword: [Interview with the subject after the sucess of the Orion-1 experiment.]

<Begin Log, 6:00 AM>

Dr.██████: So…how do you feel?

RPC-321: [Visually in distress and sobbing] About as fine as someone who had to sit through 20 videos of child pornography, sir.

Dr.██████: Do you feel any unease? Do you want to leave the project? Think about it…all those videos out there on the net just waiting to be seen by some deviant, do you want that?

Dr.██████: Do you have any children, mister [REDACTED].
RPC-321: Yes, sir. I do. My wife took them from me. It wasn't my fault. She was just such unloyal b-.
Dr.██████: Every time you have to go through this, think of them, think of how you could clean the world of such filth. For the first time in your life you have a chance to make things better, and know that your service will not be forgotten by the Authority.

RPC-321: Thank you, sir. Thank you.
<End Log, 6:30 AM>

Closing Statement: [The Authority contemplated on whether to continue supplementing RPC-321 with Class-B amnestics after every experiment or to rewire his brain to be more positive to the content shown.]

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