Sketch of Commander Tai, as personally witnessed by an Authority agent at a site in Shanghai.

Full Name: Fēng Tài (风太)

Aliases: [None]

Affiliations: PCAAO

Birthplace: Tangshan, China

Date Of Birth: 18th October 1954

Sex: Male

Ethnicity: Han Chinese

Height: 167cm

Weight: Unknown

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Educational Background:

  • Tangshan No.1 High School (Graduated)
  • Hebei University of Science and Technology (Graduated)

Occupational History:

  • People's Liberation Army, Infantryman (1972-1976)
  • People's Liberation Army, Special Directorate (1976-1980)
  • PCAAO Agent (1980-Present)


Special Commander Feng Tai of the People's Committee for the Acquisition of Anomalous Objects (PCAAO) is a persistent and dedicated enemy of the Authority. The threat he poses is amplified by his status as an influential ranking member of the powerful PCAAO, and the enormous resources that could potentially be leveraged against the Authority.

His vendetta against the Authority is caused by a vicious combination of personal and ideological motives. PCAAO conditioning is likely to have rendered him immune to most forms of memory alteration; his status and anonymity within the vast Chinese organization makes him a difficult target for Authority intimidation or elimination, while remaining a persistent thorn in our side in the Asia-Pacific.

The shared interest in protecting humanity from the anomalous causes more cooperation than conflict between the Authority and the PCAAO; however, the influence of Feng Tai and his allies are a constant source of friction and isolated violence between the two organizations. What essentially amounts to fratricide has become increasingly common in recent years, and widespread conflict in not only China but most of the Asia-Pacific is something the Authority can ill-afford.

Level Three Clearance Detected. Disclosing.

The Authority is responsible for the deaths of his family and devastation of his home through the negligence of the 041-Incident. He is aware of our culpability where most of the PCAAO still blames Malthusian elements for the tragedy.


Further Information

Sightings & Hostile Actions

June 8th, 1990
OL Site-93, located over the Tomb of Xi Zhang in █████, China.

  • Authority archeological team is excavating the tomb for the anomalous equipment of the late Qing Dynasty warrior Xi Zhang, based on recovered reports from the Boxer Rebellion.
  • Regional officers are engaged in a dispute with the PCAAO over the excavation of the tomb, dating back to an agreement penned with the PLA's Special Directorate (a predecessor of the PCAAO) in 1959, allowing Authority archeological access to the ███████ Province.
  • Under the guise of local government militia, PCAAO operatives violently seize the dig site and the artifacts. Tai is retroactively identified as the hostile team's leader.

Authority Casualties:
3 WIA, later repatriated
8 Captured, later repatriated

February 16th 1992
Dalian, China.

  • Facing deteriorating negotiations with the PCAAO over the 1959 agreement, the Authority relocates several RPCs from insecure and isolated Sites in China's northeast.
  • An contracted cargo ship attempting to leave the port of Dalian with several RPCs and Containment Division personnel onboard is blockaded by local authorities.
  • The ship complies with the initial demands and docks at the ██████ Yard.
  • Regional Authority and PCAAO officials begin negotiations over the vessel and its contents. > * Before they can reach a conclusion, commandos from the People's Armed Police (PAP) assault and board the vessel.
  • After a thirty-minute firefightTai is conclusively identified as a PCAAO
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