The RPC Authority Winter Contest

Welcome to our Winter Contest page. We are opening the following four separate contests.

IN THE DEAD OF WINTER - Our first Winter Contest is for RPC-563. You must write an RPC inspired by winter, unforgiving cold, the relentlessness of mother nature, tradition or holiday.

NEW BEGINNINGS - Our second Winter Contest is for RPC-365. You must write an RPC inspired by regrowth, rebirth or starting over.

WINTER TALE - You may write an entirely new Winter/holiday tale or rewrite a traditional story to have an RPC twist.

SNOWMAN CONTEST - The person with the best snowman wins. You may make the snowman out of anything you choose. Be creative! You must include a timestamp.

Contact CroalCroal if you have any questions about the writing contests.
Contact Ion_12Ion_12 if you have any questions about the snowman contest.

To Enter

Submissions Open: January 25th
Submissions Close: January 28th
Winners are to be announced on: February 1st

Do not coldpost. You must receive feedback before posting. Please wait to upload until January 25th. When the submitting period begins, post your entry to the site with the url 'WinterEntry<yourusername>' with your site user name in place of <yourusername.> For example, if a user named Chad were to post an entry it would have the URL WinterEntrychad. This page must be posted by you (or, if it is a collaboration, one of the partners).

Add the proper tag to your entry so it shows up on this page.
To enter into the In the Dead of Winter contest use the tag "WinterRPC"
To enter into the New Beginnings contest use the tag "NewRPC"
To enter into the Winter Tale contest use the tag "WinterTale"
To enter the snowman contest message Ion_12Ion_12


  • You are not limited to write about any specific holiday. Hanukkah, the Winter Solstice, Christmas, New Year's, Groundhog day and Chinese New Year are all great options, but many other holidays throughout the year are interesting as well.
  • Anyone is allowed to participate
  • Do not coldpost. You must receive feedback in the drafts forum for RPC's and Tales
  • Wait until the submission period begins to upload your page
  • You may submit to multiple contests, but only one work to each individual contest
  • Anyone found using alt accounts to upvote their submissions will be disqualified and banned from entering any further contests
  • Submissions must match the theme in a justifiable way
  • Pre-existing drafts are allowed, so long as they have never been posted to the wiki
  • Edits to works are allowed

The submission for each category with the most upvotes will win. Downvotes will not count but can be used to express opinions. The winners of each contest will win bragging rights and a featured spot on the front page. The winner of the In the Dead of Winter RPC will receive the RPC-563 slot. The winner of the New Beginnings RPC will receive the RPC-365 slot. Those who do not win are encouraged to re-upload their submissions.

In the Dead of Winter Entries

New Beginnings Entries

Winter Tale Entries

Snowman Contest Entries

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