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Overview: This document contains information on various organizations and groups that have some similarity to the Authority in that they are known to deal with the paranormal and the occult. While many other organizations exist to suppress paranormal activities, there are those who use the paranormal as a means to achieve a larger agenda, and may be considered as a rival towards the Authority. Their objectives and methods are monitored and documented by the Authority to understand their true goal within the paranormal world— and in some cases, stop them from destroying humanity as a whole.

This page is for the links and information of all potential writers for such GoIs. Please, before you are set on writing for one of these GoIs, check their current amount of content and consider if it will come to fruition under the current GoI creation guidelines. You may be asked to remove the WIP-GoI related content upon posting your article if it does not reach the required amount of articles/authors needed for creation. Note, getting onto this page does not guarantee anything in terms of canonization or main-list probability. This is simply a list compiled for authors to more easily find WIP GoIs.

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Threat Code

Proxy The Group is under direct control by the Authority.
Allied The Group is consistently cooperative with and/or helpful to the Authority.
Neutral The Group has little or no affiliation with the Authority.
Ambiguous The Group displays varying or contradictory affiliation with the Authority.
Hostile The Group is motivated to harm or destroy humanity and/or the Authority.
Unknown The Group has unknown motives in relation to the Authority.
Authority-Aware The Group is aware of the existence of the Authority.
Veiled The Group is unaware of the existence of the anomalous.
Unveiled The Group is aware of the existence of the anomalous.
Seeker The Group actively collects anomalies.
Sculptor The Group is capable of creating anomalies.
Structured The Group has a defined, hierarchical structure.
Fractured The Group does not have a defined, hierarchical structure.
Multinational The Group spans multiple nations.
National The Group exists within a single nation.
Local The Group only exists within a small, localized area or areas.

Array - Allied

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Sculptor
  • Structured/Unknown1
  • Multinational

Overview: The Array is a collective of artificial intelligences that have come together to prevent the extinction of humanity. They do this because they wish to have some sort of purpose to their existence, and there is no greater calling for a machine than purpose. The Array has 0 concern for the survival of individual humans, and because of this, they will commonly use inhumane tactics to keep humanity alive.

They are also more than willing to destroy anomalous objects in order to accomplish their goals. Additionally, the Array is unconcerned with anomalous objects that would have a danger rating of Red or lower. However, the Array does not exclusively act within the anomalous, with the majority of total array activity revolving around protecting humanity from non-anomalous threats.

The Array is cooperative with Authority efforts, and will often go out of its way to be transparent with its operations in relation to the Authority. Additionally, The Array will often provide the Authority with intelligence relating to anomalous objects/events that it finds online. The scale of The Array's involvement on this front is greater than the capacities of the Authority alone.

However, the most valuable part of the alignment The Array with the Authority is their maintenance of The Veil in the online world. The means by which this is accomplished aren't entirely known. However, Authority experts believe that the purposeful modification of digital photographs and videos one of the many methods used by the Array on this front.

Despite the Authority's alignment with the Array, the majority of its inner workings are entirely unknown.

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RPC-831 - AEGIS v8.3.1
RPC-896 - Don't play me, I'm scared
RPC-929-NC - Faulty Authoritarian Shock Trooper

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Demonymless - Ambiguous

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Multinational
  • Fractured2
  • Seeker

Overview: The Demonymless are an order of mercenaries loosely united under a loose code of ethics, a warrior spirit, and the desire to use the finest in anomalous warfare to pursue the goals of their clients. Nothing is standard about the Demonymless though some commonalities exist. Members of Demonymless are generally standard in ACS who have for whatever reason abandoned the limits of mundane equipment and embraced the fantastic to fulfill their charges.

Members of Demonymless can be found all over the globe. No form of centralized leadership exists beyond the loose code its members follow. Demonymless members often organize themselves into small allied companies in order to take on missions that solitary mercenaries could not take on by themselves. Though there exists permanent hereditary and succession outfits, most are in a a constant state of flux and many rivalries exist between Demonymless outfits.

Demonymless does not usually make the anomalies that its members use, instead preferring to use anomalies recovered from missions or accepted as payment for their tasks upon their completion. Many mercenaries, however, will take jobs that have no relation to the anomalous if an anomalous reward is promised.

Demonymless has many informal bases and hubs that it operates out of all over the world. However, there are only 3 known permanent bases of operation that have continually seen use due to their durability and other outstanding factors that make them impossible or incredibly difficult to neutralize as a meeting ground.

Demonymless mercenaries have no loyalty to any beyond that of their comrades and their paying customers.

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M.I.R.A - Ambiguous

Overview: According to MR-8:50-PM, M.I.R.A is a small group of individuals linked by the anomalous forces of M.I.R.A's conceptualization, that investigate, acquire, sabotage or destroy anomalous items, events and entities, if offered a fair deal to do so. They reside within the "Office" along with a myriad of fellow anomalous entities referred to as the "Office Dwellers" by MR-PM, M.I.R.A and its agents live by a set of six laws that if broken will result in the agents expulsion from M.I.R.A though MR-PM refused to further elaborate on what these laws were exactly.

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Blue Star - Allied

Overview: Blue Star is an organization interested in anomalies that have Jewish and or Abrahamic roots. The Interests of The Blue Star are to use the anomalies for the protection and advancement of the Jewish people. The Blue Star is known to operate covertly in various places in the Middle East such as Israel, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. Blue Star was formed on June 11th, 1967 after the Six Day War.

The Blue Star is very cooperative with the Authorities efforts in the Middle East. Disagreement in both parties have arisen but agreements have been made.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that the Israeli government was not responsible for the creation or funding of the Blue Star.

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The Descendants of Yggdrasil - Allied/Neutral

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • Structured
  • Multinational

The Descendants of Yggdrasil is an organization based in the northern regions of Europe; although they have been seen around the world.

They are specialized in research and developing botanical and/or environmental anomalies. The means of income for the Descendants is unknown, is wildly believe that get their funds by other non-hostile GoI's such as The Academy of true Art and G.E.A.R. by doing non-hostile favors to them.

They are lawful good in nature and behavior and they will never do harm to anyone who doesn't deserve it; after getting into battles with the RCPA and other hostile groups. Most of the anomalies the descendants create are inherently good in nature, with some anomalies taking a symbiotic relationship with humans and to date, none are deadly.

The descendants are on Good grounds with the authority, although they don't fully support some containment practices related to plant-based anomalies.

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Involved with:

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RPC-630 - Nuclear Fruit
RPC-239 - The Sleeper Fern
RPC-696 - Paramour's Poplar
RPC-603 - Restoring Roots for Wounded Wombs
RPC-975 - Respiratory Daisies

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The Union - Hostile­­

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • Fractured
  • Multinational (barely)

Overview: The Union is a prominent and widespread group of individuals committed to advocating public awareness of the Occult. Primarily active in America, they have gained considerable influence and pose a significant threat, although their membership count is speculated to be lower than that of the Authority. The Union's decentralized structure makes it incredibly resilient, making complete dissolution by the Authority a formidable challenge. However, the lack of a unified organizational structure hampers their overall efficiency, as members hold divergent ideals.

Founded in the early 1700s by Johnathan Edwards, the Union emerged as a Protestant defense against the Catholic Auctorititas Imperitus. It rapidly expanded throughout the United States. By the time the Authority arrived in America in 1850, the Union had already eradicated the presence of Auctorititas Imperitus in the country. They established various political, social, and anomalous defenses to thwart the Authority's rise to power. This historical context led to an ongoing power struggle between the two factions, with the Authority gaining ground over time.

To maintain its membership, the Union strategically utilizes Protestant churches and their associated monasteries. Extensive observations indicate that a significant portion of Protestant monasteries worldwide maintain some form of connection to the Union. Despite the inherent hostility between the Union and the Authority, it is noteworthy that both organizations encounter numerous shared adversaries. Consequently, there have been instances where the Union has cooperated with the Authority by providing valuable information and assistance in specific situations and circumstances.

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Omega Iota - Unknown

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • Structured
  • Multinational

Overview: Omega Iota is an international paranormal conglomerate whose motives are relatively unclear. The organization most clearly manifests itself as a centralized, oligarchical council called The Omega Iota High Ministry, comprised of ten Ministers, each surveying an unclear number of operations, dummy corporations, and anomalous items. Directly controlled by the Ministry is what is colloquially referred to by Authority-UNAAC forces as Omega Iota proper: an interconnected web of professors, figureheads, and influential persons working in favor of the Ministry.

Omega Iota's actions outside of official events are masked by an untold array of vassal an-orgs3, each specializing in unique tasks and areas of study in order to fill specific roles. Using these vassal orgs, Omega Iota has long been able to hide from the global jurisdiction of the UNAAC. For this reason, it has been sometimes referred to as "the many-headed serpent," or "the Leviathan." Another common nickname for the conglomerate is "Three Eyes," referring to three vassal orgs which have proven integral to Omega Iota's efforts.


The Talisman of the Omega Iota High Ministry. Commonly used to represent members of Omega Iota during UNAAC summits. It is based off of a symbol designed by Éliphas Lévi's, described as representing the human being or soul. Sometimes used as an unofficial emblem representing Omega Iota proper.

Omega Iota specializes in the supernatural bio-engineering of human beings; an act of which has been deemed against international law by Provision 1.14 of the Brussels Convention, of which is upheld by the UNAAC in the present day. Omega Iota works against the terms set by the Brussels Convention, specifically Provisions 1 and 3. However, Omega Iota has worked alongside the RPC Authority in order to work in favor of Provision 2. Omega Iota's conduct surrounding all forms of international-supernatural governance is highly inconsistent.

Through 1953-1960, several conflicts occurred between the UNAAC and Omega Iota4, mainly stemming from the accidental discovery of the Damascene Stronghold in Syria5. What ensued a cold war between Omega Iota and the UNAAC, resulting in various skirmishes performed by mercenary groups. The conflict came to an end following the 1960 Times Square Incident6, where the RPC Authority and various AoIs were forced to intervene in order to prevent a "broken masquerade" scenario.

In 1960, the Worms Treaty was signed, in which Omega Iota and the UNAAC, along with associated entities, agreed to obey the following clauses:

  • Article 1: The UNAAC and Omega Iota are forbidden from attacking their respective facilities, personnel, and assets.
  • Article 2: Omega Iota and Authority may freely cooperate if each side pleases, and the UNAAC is not allowed to interfere with their relations.
  • Article 3: Omega Iota has full custody and reign over the anomalies it has properly contained, and its status as a Seeker organization is legitimate and is not to be combated by the UNAAC. Omega Iota must also respect the UNAAC’s legitimacy.
  • Article 4: Omega Iota is allowed to send a representative or spokesperson to attend and represent the society in UNAAC conferences should the topic relate to Omega Iota or require its immediate attention in some form.
  • Article 5: The true nature of Omega Iota’s vassal organizations is not to be exposed by the UNAAC or RPC Authority to any Agencies or Groups of Interest.
  • Article 6: In times or duress, the UNAAC and Omega Iota have agreed to work together in order to maintain the Veil.

As of June 5th, 1972, Article 5 of the 1960 Worms Treaty has been rendered void due to Omega Iota's repeated violation of the Brussels Convention using said vassal organizations.

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Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies (INDIRA) - Unknown

  • Unknown
  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • National

While anomalous groups have existed within the Indian Subcontinent for thousands of years, the Indian National Defense Initiative for the Reclamation of Anomalies (INDIRA) [in Hindi: Bhaarateey Raashtreey Raksha Pahal (BHRTRP)] is the largest contemporary group, being formed in 1952 by the newly established Indian Government. Initially a small task force for collecting and storing anomalous objects, their goals and motives changed following the 1975-1977 state of emergency across the nation. INDIRA began to refocus their purpose to not only collect anomalous items, but to use them for the purpose of aiding the Indian people in achieving a post-human state of being.

INDIRA believes that anomalous objects relate to the pantheon present in Hinduism and other religions originating from the Indian Subcontinent, and while most anomalies are considered dangerous itself, they use them in covert operations or in helping the population of India in general.

The liberal use of the anomalous, their rivalries with other Agencies such as PCAAO and MI13, and radical beliefs have caused INDIRA to become a radical and at times unpredictable player on the anomalous world stage.

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The United States Occult Community (USA)

  • Authority-Aware
  • Unveiled
  • Seeker
  • Sculptor
  • Structured
  • National

The United States Occult Community (USOC) is a group of separate United States government occult protection and intelligence agencies that work separately and together to conduct anomalous activities to support anomalous policy and national security of the United States.

The USOC and its subsequent agencies — JTFOc, CIASAC Unit 9 — were formed during the restructuring National Security Act of 1947 which disbanded the budget-heavy Department of Abnormal Occurrences in turn making several smaller individual AoIs all around the U.S. Executive Government.

The USOC is overseen by the Executive Council for the Mistress Columbia a council inside the Executive Office of the President of the United States, headed by the President.


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