Registered Phenomena Code: XXX

Object Class: Epsilon-White

Hazards: Immeasurable Hazard

Containment Protocols: RPC-XXX is currently outside of Authority control. All avenues for achieving containment of RPC-XXX are to given highest research priority due to the risk it presents to sensitive Authority information. In the event of a suspected RPC-XXX “Looking Glass” Event, all Authority personnel are to take appropriate steps to secure sensitive security information within their vicinity with all haste. Specialized procedures for individual Sites, Containment units, Mobile Strike Forces and staff shall be established by the relevant Security Chiefs. In the event specialized procedures have failed to be established or are unknown during a suspected “Looking Glass” Event, personnel are to enact standard information protection protocols, including but not limited to:

  • Visual obscuration of potentially sensitive security information
  • Destruction of potentially sensitive security information, if practical
  • Deactivation of electronic devices containing potentially sensitive security information
  • Blocking of one's physical senses (sight, hearing, ect)
  • Averting mental process away from the topic of potentially sensitive security information

Following a suspected “Looking Glass” Event, all Authority Sites affected must undergo containment and security restructuring in order to minimize the effect of potential information leaks. As of 17/09/20██, standard post-Event restructuring has been revised to the resetting or replacement of all electronic device passwords and combination locks for the reasons of practicality. Individual Sites and Containment units may establish specialized restructuring procedures as is required. Mobile Strike Forces that suspect themselves to be undergoing a “Looking Glass” Event are required encouraged to suspend any non-vital operations they are currently engaged in and report for duty reassignment.

Description: RPC-XXX is a presently unidentified mechanism or entity capable of accessing information remotely. The manner in which RPC-XXX acquires this information is not precisely understood, nor is a reliable method for detecting an instance of RPC-XXX retrieving information currently available.

The existence of RPC-XXX was speculated after an in-depth analysis of over █,███ incident reports, ranging from attempted Containment Breaches to the [DATA REDACTED] raids on Site-██ on ██/██/20██. It was concluded that an abnormally high rate of these incidents involved the offending entities or groups having “a probable knowledge of security information inaccessible to them”. Further investigation revealed no significant evidence of possible internal security leaks, nor of any conventional information retrieval systems. Thus, it was concluded that an esoteric method yet unidentified was to blame, temporarily assigned the designation "SPYGLASS".

Further analysis of post-incident debriefings revealed a number of witness/survivor commonalities that eluded initial reviews. In ██% of all interviews, these individuals reported feelings of unease or of “being watched” prior to the incidents in question. Dossier reviews revealed no indication of paranoid or schizophrenic tendencies among these individuals. However, comparisons of these reports to suspected information leaks showed an improbably high rate of association with such incidents.

On 11/04/20██ as a result of these analyses, Head Researcher Dr. Ian ██████ formally submitted SPYGLASS for classification as a Registered Phenomena. While definitive information regarding RPC-XXX is effectively nonexistent, RPC-XXX has been shown as a having a high likelihood of existing in a manner similar to current speculation models.


From: Security Chief Robert ███████
Subject: SPYGLASS (RPC-XXX) Classification

For over thirty years I have served this organization. From my beginnings as armed security at Site-██, to serving with MST-███ I have always been proud of what small role I could play in protecting humanity. When I was asked to accept a position as the Security Chief of Site-██, I was overcome that this Authority would place such trust in me.

Less than two weeks after taking command there, Site-██ suffered a mass containment breach of it's entire RPC-███ population. Despite predictive models for such a situation estimating a ██% fatality rate for on-site personnel, the swift action of my officers led to partial containment being established within an hour of initial containment failure. In the end, Site-██ suffered only a █% fatality rate before specialized Mobile Strike Teams could respond and secure the Site entirely.

I do not reference these events in order to stroke my own ego, but to emphasize the importance that I place on my next words.

The recognition of SPYGLASS as a Registered Phenomena and the policies surrounding it are a complete waste of Authority resources.

I must emphasis again that I do not make this statement lightly. I, perhaps better than most, understand the risks that information leaks, even seemingly minor ones, pose to this organization. Something as simple as a staffing roster can reveal critical information about a facility's function or worse. As an organization that must remain hidden from both our enemies and those we protect, the idea that someone is watching us, perhaps through our own eyes is terrifying.

But at some point it goes from justified caution to senseless paranoia and we have clearly passed into the second category. When SPYGLASS was first assigned it's RPC designation, I received orders that all staff must report any feelings of unease or paranoia to security as possible "Looking Glass" Events. I must ask, do the individuals who "researched" SPYGLASS understand what the rest of the Authority does on a daily basis?

In my facility we contain such horrors as RPC-███, ███ and ███. I would defy anyone to read their Containment Protocols and not feel uneasy, let alone work to contain them every day. To even approach those containment areas, a staff worker must pass under an average of ██ security cameras and screening devices and yet you expect my staff to report "unusual feelings of being watched"?

Let us look at the facts: There is no tangible evidence that SPYGLASS exists. The only support for the theory is a handful of predictive models that have been shown to be of questionable accuracy. And yet we give this idea the same recognition as something we can physically interact with and to an extent understand. How much more of the Authority's resources will be wasted jumping at our own shadows?

I ask, not for me, but for this organization and the people it protects, retract the RPC classification from SPYGLASS.

Thank you,

Security Chief ██████ ███, Site-██


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