Forward: In addition to containing Major Anomalous objects The Authority also contains Lesser Anomalous objects. These items are by nature Alpha-White in classification and frequently mundane in nature. They are almost entirely without anomalous lethal potential and are easily contained by mere common sense.

This particular list pertains exclusively to Site-007 and it's unusual high number of lesser anomalies. They will be designed Lesser Objects in Site-007. (LOS7-XXX)

Many of these anomalies are useful to day to day Authority work and as such they will be listed in the on-site location they are being used.

Designation: LOS7-
Containment Location:

Designation: LOS7-01
Description: Mister Bean brand drip coffee machine.
Containment Location: Medical Facility, second floor common room.
Properties: Every ninety minutes, the object will start of it's own accord and pour exactly the amount of coffee needed to fill the pot. Testing has shown that this coffee is not created but instead teleported from a random source of fresh coffee somewhere in the world. So far 284 different brews of coffee have been tasted. Any new brews should be recorded on the clipboard kept near LOS7-01.

Designation: LOS7-02
Description: ????? brand handheld halon fire extinguisher.
Containment Location: Maintenance Facility, first floor emergency closet.
Properties: LSO7-02 is a fire extinguisher which, when properly charged, is capable of a range of 63 meters and has a maximum cone radius of 11 meters. It has an effective use time of 4.41 seconds before draining but is more effective at extinguishing fires than conventional physics would suggest.

Designation: LOS7-03
Description: Single sheet of A1 paper
Containment Location: Standard containment locker.
Properties: When damaged in any way, LOS7-03 will regenerate to a pristine state within one hour. It is capable of regeneration from as small as piece as a single molecule. Any writing will be treated as damage to LOS7-03 and disappear in similar time.

Designation: LOS7-04
Description: ??????? brand upright vacuum cleaner.
Containment Location: Maintenance Facility, second floor.
Properties: LSO7-04 is capable of vacuuming the paint off any surface. Currently used for quick and easy repainting of Authority vehicles.

Designation: LOS7-05
Description: 12cm x 20cm x 4cm pine wood block, lightly stained.
Containment Location: Standard containment locker, wrapped in cloth.
Properties:LOS7-05 constantly vibrates despite any attempts to stop it. Should it be firmly attached to any surface so that it cannot vibrate, it will heat itself to approximately 175 C and begin to smoke until it is able to continue vibrating.

Designation: LOS7-06
Description: Standard 9v battery
Containment Location: Standard containment locker.
Properties: When touched to the tongue, LOS7-06 will deliver a mild shock, even when fully drained of energy.

Designation: LOS7-07
Description: One 16oz can of ????? brand energy drink.
Containment Location: Site Director Doctor Yun Kim Sung's office mini fridge.
Properties: L0S7-07 refills and seals itself once a day at exactly 4:46am with a random flavor of energy drink from the brand listed on the label.

Designation: LOS7-08
Description: Standard cassette tape, Banana Wind by Jimmy Buffet.
Containment Location: MST Hotel-01 Field Commander Captain Erin McKinley's personal belongings.
Properties: When placed upright on a steady surface, LOS7-08's reels will start to move and it will begin to play a random song produced by Jimmy Buffet at approximately 68dB. Upon completion of the song, it will rapidly rewind itself and then fall over. When placed in a regular cassette player, it acts as a non anomalous copy. Despite being a cassette released in 1995, it has been heard playing more recent releases by the same artist.

Designation: LOS7-09
Description: ??? candy dispensing toy in the shape of Genie from the children's film Aladdin.
Containment Location: Standard containment locker.
Properties: When held and a wish is stated to the toy, it will dispense a piece of candy flavored as closely as possible to the wish. For example, a wish for money might take coppery like a penny, or a wish for world peace would taste like the paper upon which a treaty would be printed. Esoteric wishes such as 'the best candy ever' have all produced standard pieces of strawberry candy from the toy's manufacturer.

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